Trip No 10 Carp fishing (2014)

I must start this blog with a big thank you to my wife and children.  When she came back from the Saturday fun activities, we have 2 swimming lessons and 2 ballet lessons all to fit in between 9 and 1pm every Saturday.  We all start at swimming then head off in different directions and all end up at home by 1330.
My eldest ran in the door, ‘Daddy would you like to go fishing tonight?’, to be honest I did think for a bit before I said yes.


So here we are, same swim as last Wednesday night, not the best choice however, there are a few on this weekend.  This swim does give me great access to a lot of water.  This is not always that helpful, anyway after an hour or so, I had found the end of the bar to the right of me (6ft that dropped down to 8ft).  I will be fishing in the 8 ft on the drop off.  I spombed a good kilo of Solar Baits MLX boillies around the marker float,  then clipped up the lead and measure the distance out between two poles that are 12ft apart.  I never do this process with the hooklink on, for a couple of reason, it blunts the hook, even though I sharpen my hook’s every time, there is always a risk of hooking on your marker rod.  Nowadays, I have started to reel the marker rod in before I cast out anyway, as you have clipped up and taken note of the horizon markers, this is all you need.  Why risk hooking up your main line when you reel the marker rod in?  You just have to start all over again or just cast out again with the line clipped.


My other rod is some 10ft off the side of an island, I found this amazing clear area.  I put a kilo and a bit out over this spot.

My reason for this baiting method, is that I do not plan to touch my rod’s until I get a take or reel in to go work monday morning.  This tactic has paid off in the past, you get all the disturbance over and done with, then sit back and let the swim go quiet.


I have been here for over 24 hrs and no signs of any carp until about 10 minutes ago.  One topped along the far margin, up until this point, my confidence levels was low and I was going to stay until dark, go home and come back in the week.  The forecast was looking good, the temperature was starting to go up during the night. 

So, with this in mind, I have placed both rod’s along the far back, in a vain hope that I could get a carp before I am off.  Part of me is saying stay and the other is saying the conditions will be much better later on in the week.


In the end, I opted to go home and return on Wednesday night, this will be my last trip on here as they stick to the traditional Close Season.  However, the big lake will be open again and on the 1st April, I will be able to get back out on the Inland Sea.

Can’t wait

Till next time


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