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Fish Deeper Premium that will give users access to more than 50 000 lakes across the globe, help plan their fishing trips using weather forecast, marking favourite spots and many more amazing features. If you haven’t heard about it yet, please find more info here:

Respect legends, but trust data.

Let’s face it, without the ancient maps we wouldn’t be here. But today we trust and use data to find the best places to fish. Fish Deeper is your modern address book for the fish you’re looking for. Explore lake maps and know every island, pit, depth, and more on any device!

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What’s bathymetry?

Bathymetry is the water depth measurement in lakes, seas, or oceans. Such maps are made with echosounders (sonars) which send beams of sound and show real-time data on depth, bottom contour and structure, vegetation and aquatic life on a screen.

Depth maps are great for fishing because they help find the best locations to fish and target particular species based on depth and terrain. It’s a must-have tool for any modern angler.

Colours indicate depth – from light blue (shallow) to dark blue (deep).

Contours with bigger spaces in between show a more gradual slope.

Contours that are closer to each other indicate steep slope of the terrain.

How to identify fishing spots?

Depending on the season and fish type, you can have a pretty good idea where to catch fish on a particular lake.

Hidden islands

Also known as underwater islands or sections of a lake bottom that rise gradually. These bottom structures tend to have certain types of fish all year long. Ideal for feeder anglers looking for “tables” to feed the fish properly.


Rapid declines in depth. Steep drop offs, especially with some wrinkles, twists and curves are where fish tend to travel between deep and shallow waters. Drop-offs are also the main thing to look for when fishing for carp – as it’s where carp can move up and down in the water.


Slowly declining lake areas, which then drop off into the depths. In larger lakes, they may seem like a bump in the bottom. Some lakes only have one or two shoal sites. Shoals tend to have thicker vegetation where insects and baitfish live, which larger fish feed on. “Pits” at the bottom (like tables but going down, not up) are a good place for bream/some whitefish

Data at your service.

Fish Deeper Premium is designed to improve your fishing experience, so you can easily and quickly find the best fishing spots. It is based on a large amount of depersonalized scan data gathered from our Deeper Sonar user community. We put a lot of time and effort to process this data1, removing any references to personal and sonar information, and constantly improving the quality and precision with continuously incoming new depth data.

50 000

fishing spots


countries with depth maps

220 000

of users data gathered from

1 million ha

of area covered

2 million

scan sessions used

1.5 billion

coordinates with depth data

20 days

time spent to generate maps

2.8 GB

of data available

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