Fox Warrior + Range By Tackle Fanatics

I have been asked, by Duncan at the Tackle Fanatics shop in Chessington, if I would like to do some testing of the Fox Warrior range of tackle.  This has been developed between Tackle Fanatics and Fox themselves.

Oddly, I had been thinking it was about time I updated my rods.  Tackle Fanatics thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do some testing.  After a few emails and a phone call, it was all was sorted and a date for the delivery was fixed.  Sure enough, bang on time, the delivery van arrived and I slowly opened up my parcels.


Fox Warrior + Full Cork x 3 Carp Rods
Fox Warrior + Marker Spod Duo (S&M) – 4.5lb
Fox Warrior + New Version Landing Nets


This is an absolutely splendid set up.  I just loved the look and feel for the tackle.  I can’t wait to get back down the lake and put them through their paces over the coming weeks. Unfortunately for me, with family things on this weekend, I am going to have to wait until next Tuesday night – as you all know that is a long tine for me!


All rigged up and ready for some testing next week

First Impressions

My First Impressions of the fox warrior rods by Tackle Fanatics.

I am very content with the way they cast, I achieved a distance I was happy with, without any difficulty.  I will only have my smaller pit reels on them at the weekend, so lets hope for some fish – other than Bream!


The spod rod also performed extremely well.  I permanently use the large spomb, I had no difficulty launching that out (just over 70 yards) with no real effort.

I will hopefully get to test out the landing net soon and will see how the rods handle fish.

Hope this helps


Fox Warrior + Marker Spod Duo (S&M) – 4.5lb Review


I have been out fishing over the weekend and I must say I am extremely happy with this rod (when used as a spod/spomb rod).  It was very easy to bait up my spot and I have done a small video for you to watch.  This shows the rod in action.  I only ever use a large spomb for my fishing and this rod can handle this with no difficulties at all.  I can imagine that with the small spomb a great distance can be achieved.  I may just have to buy one and give it a go sometime.  I still need to play about with the rod as a marker rod, which I will do in the next few weeks.  I am just enjoy using the rod as a spomb rod at the moment but I’m sure that it will be perfect for that job as well.




Full Spec


Exclusive to Tackle Fanatics

Slim & lightweight

50mm ringing pattern

Full shrink wrap handle

4.5lb test curve

Ideal for both spod and marker work

Fox Warrior + Marker Spod Duo (S&M)  was designed by Tackle Fanatics as a versatile application rod that can be used for both spod and marker work. The powerful 4.5lb test curve is perfect for marker work as it can cast huge leads and floats at extreme range.  Its stiff nature also assists in finding and identifying features as more traditional markers rods tend to absorb the sensations transmitted down the line.  The S&M also doubles up as a spod rod which is capable of accurately punching spods and Spombs out to distance marks with complete ease.

Fox Warriors 12ft 3.25 Tc

I have been testing out these Fox Warrior + Full Cork x 3 Carp Rods  for the past 2 months.  Duncan at Tackle Fanatics had kindly sent me.  I am very pleased with them.


They cast extremely well, I have used a range of techniques from bag fishing to short range and long range fishing, from 2 oz to 4 oz leads, big and tiny bags.  They have performed outstandingly.




I have played a fair few fish perfectly well.  I am very much looking forward to giving them a go on my favourite margin spots.


This will not be until mid September time.

I really love the cork handle and I must say, I had forgotten how much more comfortable it feels to hold them.  The line clip is a very nice feature and it holds the line nicely with no damage to the line.

Overall thoughts 

The rod has been built exclusively for Tackle Fanatics to their exacting specifications.  It’s the perfect rod and has been built on the award winning Warrior S blank.  The blank benefits from a low rein carbon composition that produces a super slim and is lightweight,which rivals others who are three times the price.  The rod has a progressive action that gives the user a superb fish playing action while still retaining a powerful backbone, to assist in long distance accurate casts.  The matt finish with the black gloss whippings, makes the rod look stunning and also has a line friendly line clip.  For the price, this rod will rival any other in its price range and beyond.


50mm Fox Slik ringing




Full cork handle


Line Clip




Watch the rods in action


Full Range

Fox Warrior + New Version Landing Nets

Fox Warrior + Marker Spod Duo (S&M) – 4.5lb

Fox Warrior + Full Cork x 3 Carp Rods



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