12 Important Steps For An Easy Fishing Life

Some years ago, when I was working long hours and needed to make sure that every trip fishing counted, I put together a number of steps together to make my life easier going fishing.  In ensured I was not just going through the motions.  I am sure that at some point I was this and it affected my catch results.

1. I always keep my kit organized and ready to go.  Make sure you are topped up with any important item replaced or topped up.  I do this as soon as I get home from my last trip before it all gets packed away in the cupboard.

2. I have found that doing the bait a few days before, will help you be confident that it’s all perfect and it can then be kept in the fridge or freezer until you need it.

3. Make your rigs at home.  You can then make sure they are to your standard.  This is so much easier than trying to do this on the bank.  This way, there is no need for all that extra rig kit on the bank.

4. Take the minimal about of kit you need e.g rig boards, a few leads (there is no need for more than 10 leads).  I use a small tackle box with enough rig bits for 10 rigs.

5. On my journey to the lake, always zone out of work and into fishing.

6.  Check the weather beforehand.  You can start to build up a picture of where the carp may be and swim option.  Don’t get to carried away with the swim options, as this is never a good thing, you will never decide.

7. I always load and unload the car in the same way (I even store my tackle in the same way and also set up like this), this will form a pattern which then becomes normal and will help you.

8. When I am fishing, I write a list of things that need topping up or replaced.

9. It’s very important not to rush, take your time and get into a routine when baiting up.

A. Always have sharp hooks

B. Check rig presentation in the lake

C. Pop up/Wafter check

D. Run the line through your hands to check for any abrasions or nicks in the line

10. My bivvy/brolly is laid out the same way each time.  You will always know where everything is every time, day or night.

Doing this will help you through the winter months when you need to set up and pack up in the dark.

11. Every so often, sort your tackle bag out, overtime stuff slips back into your tackle bag and you find yourself taking more than you need.

12. If possible, have separate bags for bits of kit, so if you are only doing a day, you can remove your brew kit or cooking kit and torch etc.

These things are very simple, however, they will help you and make fishing much easier and you will enjoy it a lot more.

Hope this helps


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