Top 12 Best Swim Choice

These are my top 12 tips for choosing a swim, however this will depended on the type of lake e.g day ticket/club water/ syndicate.

(1) A bit obvious I know, but find the fish, if you can!

(2) Ask a friendly angler (if you can find one) for some info.

(3) Take into account the weather.

(4)  Take into account the time of year.

(5) Shallow areas in Winter and Summer can be productive.

(6) Look for weed beds.

(7) Snags are a good all year round hot spot.

(8) Have a good walk around the lake if you can.  You can always put a bucket in your first choice of swim and come back to collect it.  Once you have chosen your swim, however, please be mindful of other anglers.  Don’t leave you bucket in a swim for a long time, 10 mins max depending on the size of the lake.  I have found swims reserved for up to 2 hours, which is not acceptable.

(9) My best one is, if you get told that no fish ever come from that swim, this is the one to start with.

(10) Never forget the margins.

(11) On lake where the bird life get fed by Jo Public, this is a good area to stick a bait in at night-time.

(12) Go out in a boat if you can, however wear a life jacket.




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