Finygo Fishing App

Ever since I started carp fishing (back in the early 80’s), I’ve recorded my fishing trips not just catch report but a log of the time spent on the lake, hours fished and a description of features, bait, rig, weather etc.

I’ve got a big stack of log books and I have even started to add this to my computer.  I have a memory stick full of them but I find it too hard to analyze information.  I then started with a few fishing apps, these were pretty poor and I was back using the log book again.  This was until I discovered the Finygo app the other year.  This is tailored more towards carp, coarse fishing and has an array of features that can help you analyze your catch report.  You can fill out as much as you like from a quick one-liner to a full-blown report.

I was so impressed with this app, I ask if I could join the team and help develop the app towards the modern day carp anglers.

This has turned out to be a great opportunity for me and it great to be part of the modern day future of fishing log.  I say log but it’s more than that, its an analytical tool which will help you catch more fish by analyzing your records.  The beauty of this app is that you can see the start of a trend in your fish and work towards better catches.  After using the app for some time, it’s worth checking back on past bait used.

As I don’t just carp fish, I get myself out on the river over the winter months and if I can pull myself away from the carp in the summer, I also get down there.

The app has a great roaming/live feature, it will record your movement and you can add fishing spots as you go along or just do when you get home.

I have been part of the journey for Finygo for over a year now, this app is constantly moving forward and evolving to aid the angler as a fishing tool.  It is a handy addition to every angler from novice to experience angler as fishing is an evolving sport/hobby that you have to keep on top of.  It also covers sea fishing and salmon fishing, it’s certainly the best fishing app.

I will be doing a hands-on guide over the coming months.

Until then Richard

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Observation Is The key To Success 

Is observation the paramount key to success in carp fishing?  I believe it is as it encompasses so many key factors.


I even feel that with the best bait in the world, you can still fail to catch unless you are in the perfect spot.  I have spent hours just watching carp and their behaviour, just to see how they move around the lake, in the hope that I can spot a pattern in their movement and feeding.  My most memorable time was on Vinatrose Lake (near Chichester), when I had spent over 2 hours watching a carp move up and down a channel in the weed.  I was trying to work out the exact spot the carp would feed on.  Once I was happy, I managed to get the bait in the perfect spot, only to have the carp come down that very channel and stop about a foot or two away from my bait.  It proceeded to stay there for over an hour.  I was absolutely amazed the carp had clearly noticed a change to its environment and it wasn’t very happy.  It never picked my bait up.  It just turned around and wondered back up the channel.


This fish was taken by watching the lake for sometime.  I spotted a head appear out of the water, but I only just noticed it.

Observation can come in many different forms from a quick walk around the lake (in your lunch hour), to teaming up with someone (this can help to pool your knowledge as to where the fish are showing and their feeding patterns), this can help aid you in the capture of your target fish.  One very overlooked bit observation is watch other people!  Don’t be despondent when other anglers catch and most anglers certainly get the green eyed monster from time to time.  Use this information to your advantage, write it down in a log book.  I wouldn’t advocate jumping in their swim as this isn’t will not help you catch the same fish.  Just remember it for the following months or even next session.  If it’s possible and not to dangerous, get yourself up a tree, watch the fish feeding and also watch before you put a bait in the water.  I have sat and watched a very old mirror carp come up to a pile of bait, turn on its side, flick its tail over the bait, waft it up in water and only pick up the bait which moves off the area.  It did this until all the bait was gone, other than the hook bait.  I always carry binoculars for observing the far margins as you can’t spot bubbles with your own eyes!  This has proven a very successful method of observation as well.


I spotted a few bubbles a bit further along the tree line and flicked a bait on the spot.


Corners of the lake and overhanging trees are perfect areas to spot feeding fish.  Put a small handful of bait out and keep watching or walk round and comeback later to see if its gone – be mindful of bird life as they will be very happy with you doing this!  If the water is coloured up and you cant see your bait it’s best to use something like sweetcorn as it stands out better.  Don’t forget right in front of the swim is a perfect spot, so many anglers forget this.  Just under your feet is a prefect feeding spot for carp, best lakes for this are park lakes as people feed the birds.  Wait until they have all gone home and take a look for yourself, it will truly surprise you.  It did me very well on an old boating lake near the seaside in Suffolk, when I was a lot younger.


They were right under my feet

Get up early and stay up late to see what is happening around the lake, this will help you  find the best time of the day to spot showing fish.  On one of the lakes I fish, the fish show mostly between 0930 and 1330.  At first I found this very odd but also very helpful for my day trips out as I could come back in the evening and be quite certain that I was in the the right area.  It also helped me to catch a few fish in the day time as well.  I have even found that the most productive time for spotting fish can be the middle of the night.  This can be hard work on mid week trip in between work.  I found the best way around this was set up, get a few hours kip in and then get up at the appropriate time, have a brew, watch the fish and even move if you feel it necessary, or just use the information for your next trip down.


This article links nicely with my favourite method, which is margin fishing.  I have spent hours observing the carp move up and down the tree lined bank.  I realised that I was best staying put in one swim as the fish would move up and down this bank all day long.  I could easily move into an area they had already been in and I not realise it!


Observation can be as simple as spotting a few bubbles, a carp sticking its head out or even down to noticing what sort of bait presentation other anglers are using.  Please don’t ask them as we all dislike that but it’s easy to tell of they are using pop up or bottom baits.  Balanced baits and Wafters are a bit harder but it’s all about watching and learning or just keeping an eye on your surroundings.  I got out fished by a friend once simply by not spotting that he had switched to bottom baits.  I had assumed he was still on pop ups – my error for not spotting this simple change.


I certainly learn from that and swapped over 

We all clearly don’t have the time to be on the lake 24/7.  Even if you are there only once a month, over time a pattern of events will start to become clear to you.  Don’t get despondent when others are catching, they just may have had more time then you or just hit on the perfect combination quickly.  Just observe and take note.  A quick hello or ‘morning’ may just get you a snip-it of information, this may crack open the nut!  Personally, I am happy to help, if I have spotted a fish feeding or even a sign of one.  I may suggest that another angler goes in this spot and he then catches a fish.  If he does catch a fish, I know I was right in my thinking and he has actually help me learn something.  It is all about us against the fish and not each other.


Even this photograph was taken after observing small fry feeding under my rod tips.  During the night I had dropped a hand full of micro pellets into the water and the kingfisher would sit in my rod tips every morning feeding on the small fry.


I have even noticed on a very peaceful lake (which didn’t get much angler pressure), that when the gate would clunk closed, the loud noise would echo across the lake.  It was in a small valley and if I were observing the fish, they would tense up a bit, it was as if they had noticed the sound and were aware that someone was on the bank.  It’s amazing how clever they are.

Hope this helps


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Trip 71 Carp Fishing – 2018

With the weather, work and family stuff, I’ve not managed to get out for two weeks, which is a shame, I just didn’t fancy getting soaked for only 5 hrs fishing.


I had a quick look about and spotted a carp show in front of this swim.  I was looking at another area, I didn’t fancy fishing here again.  You have to go where you see the fish.  After all the strong winds we have had, I was thinking they may be on the back of the wind.


My left-hand rod is at the bottom of a nice drop off at the end of a bar, which I’ve had fish from before.  The other rod is on a nice spot I found after an hour of using the deeper, marker and leading about.  Both areas have been baited with chopped Catalyst boilies, Particle blend, a load of Betafin (left to soak for 2 days) and I will be fishing different SF Wafters until I get a take.  I will be changing them every 12hrs as I don’t wish for too much disturbance in the swim.  I will have to bait up after 24hrs as the small fry will have mopped up the particles etc up by then.


Well, the bream may have found the bait as just before 4 pm, my left-hand rod was beeping up and down, with that telltale sign of a bream – let’s hope it’s the only one.


The night past with only one disturbance that nearly pulled the bobbin to the top and dropped back a small amount.  I was thinking it’s another bream, but it never moved again.  I was hoping it was a liner from feeding carp but this was around 3 am and the rain and wind arrived and a cold night became a warm night.


The wind was certainly stirring things up and I’m hopeful of a carp today.  These conditions look perfect and are the main reason I’m doing two nights.  All my baits are in the perfect spots, all set for the weather change.  It definitely wouldn’t have been fun setting up in this.

1010 and the right-hand rod is off.  I was halfway through putting on my salopettes when the buzzer screamed into life, which was nice.  After a quick fight, the carp was in the NSR50 and my first winter carp was on the bank.  I was very happy about that.


The bait back on the spot, it was time for a brew.

The day past with no action and into early evening.  I had rebaited both rods and topped up the swim with my mixture late afternoon.  It must have been all that fresh air, as I drifted off to sleep sometime after 5pm.  I woke up again just before 8pm, had a brew and watched Netflix until midnight.  I use headphones with only one earpiece, which is perfect for listening out of fish.

I got my head down again and the next thing I knew, my alarm clock telling me it was pack up time.  I set this just in case I get completely sucked into the session and end up packing up way too late.  I try and get home mid-morning and spend the day with the family.


I was very confident of getting another fish yesterday and especially with the conditions just so perfect. Oh well, it’s been a pleasant few nights on the bank.

Until next time


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Want to stock Spotted Fin products in 2019 ?

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It Will Soon Be Christmas


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Deeper Part 8

Once you have mapped your chosen lake, you have a few options when you arrive for your next trip.  I do both depending on the time available to me when I arrive.

Option one

Get the Deeper out and flick it out into your chosen area and double check your spot.  This is a very good idea in the summer months when there is plenty of weed growth.  It’s also very handy in the winter to find any new areas that the carp have been cleaning, silty spots, if the carp have been digging up the bottom and making any new feature.

Option two

You can use your lake book and check for horizon makers and calculate the number of turns to your chosen spot.

Step 1

Instead of using the whole map of the lake you will need to us the individual recordings.



Step 2

Once you have selected your swim out of the list of areas you have mapped, open up that one.




Step 3

Now scroll along the sonar reading until you have found the spot in the swim you want to cast to.  This will be marked by the Deeper image on the screen.


Step 4

I find it best to zoom in on the swim and the press the ruler icon on the right-hand side (just below the satellite icon).  This will make it easier to view where you are on the map and calculate the distance from the bank to your spot.


Step 5

Once you have the distance, you can then zoom out to find a horizon maker.  If not then you can always use the night mode on the Deeper and then you will be able to find the right feature on the horizon.


Step 6


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Keeping Warm In Your Bivvy

I have been fishing winter nights since the mid-80s and I am so glad that the tackle industry started to revolutionize, it was very bleak and cold in those days.  My feet still feel the cold a lot and I am sure it down to those days.

I have put together a list of ways to improve your time on the bank in your bivvy.  I am still working on keeping warm outside the bivvy!  I am sure that’s also down to, to many winter piking days in wellies and inadequate clothing.

1. Always use a ground sheet and even in the summer, damp rises.

2. Use an old piece of carpet or a thermal blanket under you bedchair


3. With modern bivvy/brolly systems, there is a skirt then you can tuck under the groundsheet.

4. Use items of luggage as an insulation around this area of the Bivvy e.g rod bag, rod sleeves bags etc, this will help keep the draft out and even more insulation on the ground.

5. Also with modern brolly/bivvy use the door letterbox style and don’t open from the bottom up.  Tuck the flap under the groundsheet and make sure the zips are full down.

6. Use a bivvy mat or any old door mat.


This all helps to keep you warm through those hard winter days.

Hope this helps


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Do you like experimenting with your baits?

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Things you would like to ask, but can’t

In the fishing world, there are things you would love to ask but can’t.  The first question on your lips when you walk into other anglers swim is, have you caught any fish?  It’s all about knowledge and it’s not a bad thing to know.  Another question is which spot it came from?  I’m sure this would help you build up a picture of where the fish come from in each swim.  You would then like to know as well, was it a bottom bait, pop up or wafter?  This will help you to bank a carp or two.

These questions are just no-go areas.  Some people will be happy to spill the beans and I am one of those.  I believe it’s us against the Carp and not each other.  Copying someone else’s tactics certainly doesn’t mean you will catch and should not detract you from your achievement.  It’s simply about building knowledge about the lake at the particular time of the year.

I must admit, it has certainly got a lot better since I start carp fishing (in the early 80’s).  People would ask you to leave their swim when they baited up or even cast to another spot just to throw you off the sent.  I must admit, I did catch a lot of bream and tench in those day’s.

Back then, bait was never a question as we all made homemade boilies but times changed and everyone got obsessed about being on the going bait.  I think that stage has passed, as there are a few top quality bait companies about these days.  Unfortunately, a few rough ones with substandard quality ingredients hang in there.

Being part of a Syndicate of the like-minded angler’s really help these days, everyone is being pushed for time in the modern world we live in.  Which is where I am very lucky, the knowledge of which swims are fishing well is passed around quite freely.  This can be a real obstacle on some waters.

No one asks about which rig you are on anymore if you stick to the common subscribed rigs you will not go far wrong.  There can be an edge to being on the right rig for the lake and that also goes for any of the above.  Knowledge is the lifeblood of a successful angler, but never lose sight of the real goal.  This is to catch fish, enjoy yourself, relax and forget the stresses of everyday life, don’t let fishing get sucked into that side of your life.

Enjoy and be lucky



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Know depth and water temperature the moment your PRO+

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