Deeper Q & A – Live

We are happy to announce that we are doing LIVE Q&A session at Deeper HQ. You’ve got the questions, we’ve got answers! Comment below with your questions about Deeper products and get the answers from us on our Facebook Live Q&A session on Wednesday, May 22 at 12PM!


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Fishing TV – Hints & Tips – Part 2

Fishing TV

Hints and Tips

Improve your coarse and match techniques with a selection of great hints and tips from the pros


An in-line lead forms the basis of this simple rig that Duncan Charman uses to target the margins.
Des Taylor shows how to increase your feed rate by using paste to match your boilies.
Des Taylor introduces his favourite technique for catching perch and shows you how to setup your drop shot rig to fish at different depths and agitate perch into taking.
Des Taylor has a great tip on how to improve your swim feeder bait.
Des Taylor was given a great little tip by Martin Bowler, on how to hook worms.
Des Taylor explains why he is so excited about Bait-Tech’s mini pop-ups and why they’re particularly good when used with ground bait and hemp.
Des Taylor has got a nifty way of making sure that his luncheon meat bait stays on his rig.
Top specimen angler Duncan Charman shares a clever tip on how to make sure the contents of your PVA bag are delivered to the right place.
Using PVA? After watching this tip you may think differently, as Duncan Charman explains why a lead wrapped in pellets is deadly!


Fishing TV

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Spotted Fin – Match

“Russ and myself started work straight away to develop the first two ‘GO2’ ground baits; the Sweet Super Blend and Carp Super Blend then really things went from there. I caught so many fish while testing these baits that I knew they would be a success and once anglers started trying the products they would really appreciate just how good they really are…”
We caught up with Simon Willsmore to find out about his journey with Spotted Fin –


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Catalyst pellets

Packed with the same carp attractors and stimulants as the boilies, our Catalyst pellets are fast gaining a cult following on carp dominated southern match waters.
Perfect for when you want your pellets to stand out from the crowd…

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Fishing TV

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Trip 32 Carp Fishing- 2019

This is my last weekend until June as there are family things coming up.  Which for once will fit in perfectly, the weather has not been that great the carp on the syndicate, they are still yet to spawn.  On this lake, it normally starts in the first few weeks of May.  They had a day at it but it didn’t really burst into life.


I am out with Ian and this trip has also doubled up as a social.  This also gives me the chance to set up early, head back home and sort the kids out.  This will save the big rush later with the tackle.  This way we can meet up, sort out the right swim, find some perfect spots and get all the noise done by 2pm.  All I need to do on my return is flick the baits out on the spots.  It just couldn’t get any better.


I knew the swim quite well – I had fished there a few times in the past.  Also very recently had a nice lump from here.  The lake is fishing very slow at the moment and all the lakes are getting very clear.  This is very unusual for here and a big surprise.  Surely this affecting everyone catch results.  We felt that the bottom lake was more colored than any of the others.  We decided this had to be our best option.  It was the deeper water and away from everyone else, this could hold the key to a fish or two this weekend.

I baited an area 70 yards out with 3 kilos of 12mm Catalyst and Smokey jack, combined with a 2 kilos bag of Hemp & Tiger nuts.  This would be sent over an area large enough to get two baits on over each night.  I was then going to move one rod off to the tree line by a small bay during the daylight hours.  This was clearly not an option at night, as there was no way I was going to be on my rods in time to stop the fish from kiting round to my right and into another bay area.


There was no action for myself or Ian over the night.  I was up early and moving my rod to the tree’s, in the hope of a day time carp.  By mid-morning there were still no signs, it was time to get the Fishspy out.  With the clear water, it was ideal conditions and was very surprised to find that an area of gravel was more like an area of boulders and more suited to fishing with a pop up than a bottom bait or a wafter.  Some information to take back home from this weekend’s fishing trip.


By the middle of the afternoon, I was surprised that my right-hand margin rod had not gone off; the previous evening I had dropped a few handfuls of bait along there.

Well, that was a complete letdown, with not a single beep.  Time for a change of tactics I think.


It was a lovely morning to pack up and get everything dry from the morning dew.

Later on that afternoon, I received a message from another syndicate member that the fish had started to spawn.  This means a two-week break for them from my side.  I feel it’s best to let them get on with it and then plenty of time to recover.

Until next time


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Fishing TV

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Spotted Fin – Match

More and more match anglers are starting to realise the effectiveness of utilising Liquids, Boosters and Dyes within their fishing. You can check out the full range here 👇…/match/liquid-booster-match/

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Fishing Tv – Top 10 Carp

Fishing TV

Top 10 Free Carp Videos

Chilly is desperate to get a monkey off his back – he’s never caught a carp from a British river. …
Carp Wars gets off to an explosive start as two of the sport’s heavyweights Ian Russell and Dave Laney Lane…
Mark Pitchers starts this series by explaining why choosing the right swim is so important to being successful on day…

Fishing TV

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Spotted Fin – Carp News

Andy Beach recently returned from an awesome trip to La Botte on the Goncourt complex, conditions were still cool and the fish had yet to properly wake up but he managed to land 18 carp topped off with a stunning 58lb 7oz common!

Fishing over a large bed of particle, chopped boilie and pimped up with Catalyst Food Dip, Finamino and a helping of Classic Corn Syrup. Andy presented 12mm wafters over the top, both Pineapple and N-Butyric and Catalyst Natural doing the bites.


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SF – Milled Betaine

Love it or hate it… Paste can be an unbeatable method on the right day. If you are thinking of giving it a go then you wont go far wrong with the super attractive GO2 100% Milled Betaine!

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Fishing TV

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Spotted Fin – Delivery

For those times you can’t make it to your local stockist or they might not have what you need in stock. We’ve made it even easier to order

with FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders over £50

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