Trip 2 Carp Fishing – 2022

With fewer gardening jobs at this time of the year, I’m out on the club lake today in the hope of my first carp of 2022.

Conditions are certainly better than last week, until the middle of the week and there’s another change in the weather due.

I arrived just before 9 am to find that I was the only person here. I stood on the path and looked directly up the lake for some time, I was hoping for a sign. I then had a look in a few swims the car park side, in the end I opted for the other bank; before the island and in the wider part of the lake. This was an area I had caught from before. I still haven’t seen anything yet, however, this area is a good starting point. 

Good Starting Point

With only four hours free, it was more about watching and looking for my next trip to get an idea of where they may be hiding out. In the past, they’ve not been shy at showing themselves.

I cast my middle rod across to the far margins and the other two (with small mesh bags), along the margins to my left and right, over where the lilly pads are in the summertime.

Second Swim

After 2 hours of no signs, it was time to move swim. I felt the island was my best option. Within 10 minutes of casting out, the middle rod twitched and then pulled up. The carp was straight into a snag, which I thought they’d removed, as the big old stump was on the bank. Unfortunately, there must be something else hidden down there. I put the rod on the pod, in the hope the fish where as still on and would move off at some point. In the meantime, made up a new rig, the inevitable was coming and I would need to pull for a break, this is something I hate doing.

The stump

After 45 minutes, I gave up, pulled for that break, put on a new rig, and cast it back out. It was about 6 foot away from the first spot, I can’t have that happening again.

Just before 1 pm and with only 30 minutes to go, the left-hand rod rattled off, with a very unhappy, head shaking carp. It was soon being played out in the margins and in the net, I’m not sure if it knew it was hooked, a Spotted Fin Mirrcle berry pop up doing the job.

17.10 oz Common

I was over the moon – after losing one earlier, and it’s now time to get myself packed away and in the car.

Until next time




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*** How to target F1’s in the winter on groundbait ***

*** How to target F1’s in the winter on groundbait ***
With Matt Bingham holding the all time record of 385lb of F1’s in a match at Tunnel Barn Farm it would be a brave soul not to have a read up on his tactics and uses of groundbait for F1’s throughout the winter, if that is your target species. Read here:

Category: GO2 F1 Range

Matt Uses…

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*** The GO2 Commercial Match Range ***

A range for commercial match fishing that we built to be the the best of the best, with no compromise in its makeup, for the serious match angler. Keep these handy pages on your phone for easy reference. Check out your favourite products on

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*** Boosted Maggots *** 

*** Boosted Maggots *** 🔥
Want to make your maggots stand out from the crowd? Give them a dousing of your favourite Booster Spray and add that extra punch of attraction!
Simply clean off your maggots the night before you go fishing and put them into a bag, we recommend five sprays of booster liquid per pint of maggots. Once you have dosed them up, take the air out and seal the bag. If you havent got the time to do that then a squirt on the bank can help liven up a peg !

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Using a smaller 10mm dumbbell wafter

Using a smaller 10mm dumbbell wafter, may get you more bites. Being different from the big baits and Pop-Ups so often seen used, they may get you that next special capture especially when times are hard in the colder months! Our GO2 range has a selection of 10mm wafters perfect for the occasion in all our classsic flavours. None more so than Pink Pepper Squid which seems to dominate waters wherever it goes.


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GO2 Pink Pepper Squid Natural Wafter

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GO2 wafters are the perfect for use on methods, hybrids and bombs. With an element of buoyancy they negate the weight of the hook meaning the bait is the first thing to fly back into the fishes mouth. Not only are they great for carp and F1s but are a great ‘alternative’ hookbait when targeting big bream!

Pink Pepper Squid:
Squid is one of those all time favourite flavours in angling, so we had to make sure our new Squid flavour developed specifically for this range was upto the standard expected. With a very smooth aroma coupled with the highest quality Black Pepper Oil, finished in a washed out pink.

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Limited Stock of Spotted Fin Bobbles Just Arrived

***Limited Stock of Spotted Fin Bobbles Just Arrived ***
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*** Stamp of Approval *** 

*** Stamp of Approval *** 🔥
The Catalyst paste. Quality control stamped and then lovingly sealed with a fresh seal lid liner. The perfect autumn and winter bait accessory. Luxury at its best.. #teamfin #spottedfin #leaddontfollow Find yours at all good stockists or online here:

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Catalyst Shelf Life Paste

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Built from the same base mix and liquids as the Catalyst boilies, formatted into a package that breaks down quickly even in cold water temperatures.

Sticky and easy to mould but surprisingly quick to breakdown around your hookbait or lead or whatever you choose to wrap it around, this no compromise product sends out The Catalyst attractor signals into the water column whilst also providing a key food source for the Carp.

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Trip 1 Carp Fishing 2022

With the festivities over and done with for another year, the kids are back at school, I’m out for my first trip of 2022. I was down the lake early on Thursday morning, I was hoping to arrive Wednesday afternoon, but my car wasn’t ready. It had to go into the garage for a service and mot. I can do three nights but I don’t think it’s worth the effort with the weather conditions as they are. The weather is going to be all over the place. When I arrived it was -3C, by this afternoon there will be 30 mph winds and heavy rain followed by minus temperatures, it’s going to be exactly the same again tomorrow. Not ideal.

Off down the track

I arrived about eight-thirty in the morning to find only one other person on the lake. I proceeded to have a good look about and didn’t spot a thing, which I thought would happen. I had been thinking of my options on the way down here in the car (as I do). The crux of the matter is I would like to head home Saturday morning before the day of rain arrives, but it’s due between 6 and 9 am and unless I’m willing to pack up in the dark, it’s going to be a wet one. I felt it best to be pitched up near my car for a quick getaway I’m not a fan of soaking wet tackle if it can be avoided. These carp just don’t like the rain one bit, they love the wind, which is one positive for this trip and we will see how long I end up staying.

My pitch

My choice was finally made, after lots of standing about, the car is quite close by. Mind you, there are seven swims to choose from like this, which is something I love about this lake, it certainly helps in the winter.

I checked out another spot that I’d fished some years back in this swim, with Deeper, and it was pretty clean.

Lovely Feature

I was definitely putting one there, and the other one was going on the spot I had fished on my other trips in December. I baited up with a mixture of crumbled boilies, maize, and a few whole catalyst boilies.


I didn’t put out a great deal – three spombs over the closest rod and tight together, six over the range rod, spread out and leading towards the channel entrance. Hopefully, to intercept any carp moving in and out of that area, My reason for fishing this swim is because there is a lot of sanctuary areas close by and I felt that completely fishing open water was not the best approach yet.

Both rods would have Ronnie rigs with a small wafter and a 12mm pop-up on, which sits perfectly. I would be playing around with colors in the hope to grab the carp’s attention and hopefully bring me a bite.

Frosty start

The night was cloudy, wet, and then probably frosty – I didn’t get out to check. By dawn, it was chucking it down again, and then it all went flat calm and sunny.


I’m really going to have to check out the forecast today as it’s looking like rain all day tomorrow, and these fish don’t like that at the best of times.

I would like to fish the night and slip away first thing in the morning, but the rain looks like it will arrive in the early hours. I will need to wait until this afternoon before I make my mind up based on the forecast, hopefully, it will be more accurate by then.

The decision was made. Rain is rain due this afternoon until earlier evening and it’s going to start again in the early hours. That was the latest forecast at midday. My plan is to pack away everything, other than the rods, wait until the rain starts in the hope of a bite just before.

That’s its

Unfortunately, that was that and I headed home, I will be back again next week.

Until next time




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LIQUID TUNA: This hydrolysed soluble tuna extract, full of proteins, is easily digested and has been made by the same company to replace the discontinued famous L030 liquid. Called Tuna L030 or L030T, Pure Tuna Liquid by some brands our Liquid Tuna is the same thick salty paste in an easy to use squeeze bottle..

May be an image of bottle and text that says 'Liquid Food Liquid Tuna SFLLT-250'

This hydrolysed soluble tuna extract, full of proteins, is easily digested and has been made by the same company to replace the discontinued famous L030 liquid. Called Tuna L030 or L030T by some brands our Liquid Tuna is the same thick salty paste.

This thick, rich salty liquid is one of the best carp foods available on the market today. Our Liquid Tuna is not cut with any other product and has no additives. It is a pure extraction and due its low viscosity it has a binding effect if used on boilie mixes. It can be watered down (Which we do not do for you!) to make it easier to pour over pellets and include in groundbaits and is a highly desirable food source for carp and other fish.

There is no limit to its inclusion but 30ml per kg of mix is a good guide to start with.

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*** PVA Bag Perfection *** 

*** PVA Bag Perfection *** 🔥👀
Catalyst PVA Bag and Method Mix. The perfect autumm PVA bag ready made mix. Full of ready soaked and flavoured 2mm and 4mm Pellet with a sprinkling of matching groundbait… all set to burst out of the bag, presenting a large pad of oozing, flavoured, attractive feed with your hookbait sat in the middle.…/coarse/method-ready-groundbaits/

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