The Fishspy Camara

I am sure a lot of angler’s would shun this as they would feel its cheating.  My answer to this is ‘is where would you draw the line?’  Fishing technology has moved on so much since glass fibre rods and fixed spool reels.  Carbon technology developed by the F1 teams and the military have been past down.  The bait company’s advancement in their understanding of the fishes dietary needs is amazing.  So, which part of the above is not cheating.  Now, if you embrace these, surely you should do it for all technical advances.  Remote buzzers is a great example, not really necessary, but we love it.

The Fishspy is as it states, a spy camera to aid you in your battle to achieve your goal in life – to catch your favourite carp or new PB.  We climb trees to observe patrol roots, so why not use this tool in the same way?  It will save you fishing the wrong area all night, as you can.  If I find the perfect spot, I flick the Fishspy out and double check and I can assure you, that you will be very surprised with what you see.  In this day and age, when there is such a lack of time available to everyone, this type of technological advances should be part of your carp fishing armour.

Here are a few examples of what I use the fishspy for.


You leave the camera out in your chosen spot and watch for fish activity.

I have poked my rod through the trees, lowered the Fishspy down, sat back and watched the fish.

You can bait a margin spot and leave the camera there recording.  If the bait has gone, you know its definitely Carp and not Tench, Bream or even bird’s

You can check out how clear your clear spot is and even the make up of the lake bed – sand, clay or silt.

I hear you say watercraft, we have embraced other innovations, so why not one more?

I only use it as a back up, when I am not 100% sure and I need to set up before dark.  I am limited for time and this has certainly caught me more fish that I would of had

The most effective way to use the Fishspy is not as a permanent marker float, but as the above suggestion as a confirmation tool for the typography of the lake bed.  Also to find feeding areas and in this day and age, anything that helps, is a must for me.





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