Glugged Hookbaits

Do people still glug their hook baits or is this a thing of the past?  Personally,  I have been glugging my hook baits for so long I can’t remember when I started.

The principal is that you glug your hook baits to stand out from the rest of your freebies in your baited area or when you’re using single hook baits.  It boosts the attraction of your bait within the area you are fishing.

I tend to do them in 1-kilo bags.

You can glug your baits with a flavour of your hook bait or add oils.  Over the years, a couple of my favourites have been;

Oyster sauce

Toasted sesame seed oil

You need to test a sample batch to check that the boilie absorbs your chosen glug.

Over the past few years bait companies have introduced some great booster sprays.  This is to give your bait an instant boost or you’re can leave them for days, weeks, months or even years.

I tend to boost the ready-made version of my bait and then store in the fridge (that’s my fridge and not the family one).

There are also available food dips designed for this purpose in mind.

There are also some great liquids which you can boost your hook baits, two of my personal favourites are;

and you can mix them together.

These particle hook baits are a mix of pop-ups, wafers and bottom baits all done in one tub, if you don’t fancy doing them in kilo bags.

These are a few old baits I still have around in my fridge, not 100% sure which baits there are, probably liver & squid.

Hope This Helps


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