Spotted Fin Catch Report 2021

Robert West with a 24 hour session on his new syndicate.
“After seeing nothing all day i wasn’t expecting much and this cold wether isn’t helping. 7am the next morning 3 bleeps and i was in to a good fighting fish called dozer one of the A team in this lake. After a good fight it was in the net at 21lb 08oz. Thats one ticked off the list on to the next, Glugged catalyst 15mm hook bait topped with a 10mm GO2 classic corn wafter.
***Deklan Marshall with new PB***
“I Booked on Westmoor Farm carp fishery syndicate for 4 nights and within 2 hours of having the rods out I’d landed one of the lakes jewels in the form of this 37lb 2oz mirror known as Clementine. Very very hard conditions with temps as low as -3 with a strong North easterly wind and water temps dropping from 11° to 7° within the first 24hrs of arrival. I managed to land the only 3 fish out of the lake that week and all 3 fell to the same rig and bait combination. German rig with a Size 2 SF hook and a 12mm Spotted Fin Pineapple N’butric acid pop up which left the hook sat flat on the bottom and the pop up acting more like a wafter.
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Luke Taylor lands The Big Mirror at Willow Lake on the Old Mill Complex. Read his story here

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Scott Grogan reports: “Today I went to my private syndicate which had been fishing really well the past week. he weather changed quite a bit with rain and a cold wind coming through. 4 fish came out the whole lake and three of them fell to me. I fished for just the day and kept very mobile moving onto fish that were showing. First fish was this 24lb mirror and what a chunk it was. It put up a big fight and once in the net I found out it had never been caught before. Second fish I stalked and watched him go down for the bait and another big fight and another top mirror. The final fish was a long lean torpedo common weighing just under twenty. All fish were caught on a ronnie rig with a 15mm classic corn pop up, baited up with whole and crushed classic corn. Great days fishing.”
Robert West with his first fish out of his new syndicate on the first session. Using a classic corn 12x15mm wafter with crushed catalyst in a PVa stick on a ronnie rig casting to showing fish.
Matt Hollingworth with a fish that hasn’t been out since it was stocked in 2020. It came to a Classic Corn popup at 20lb 8oz
presented over hemp and 6mm catalyst pellets glugged in chilli 🌶 hemp oil…..
You can find Matt’s products of choice in these links.
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Simon Ward trips up the “The Beauty Queen” from Nash’s Church Lake on the new Classic Corn Method Ready groundbait. For full story read here

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Adam Caine with a new PB and a gem of a mirror both caught on classic corn boilies with fake corn topper. The mirror carp registered at 31lbs 8oz caught and the fully scaled at 21lbs 4oz s. Both were caught within 15mins of each other at Arrow Meadow Fishery, Alvechurch just into the hour of darkness. Photos were taken at 8pm by the owners after resting both fish first. What a result Adam ! Well done !
Chris Edland has been fishing at Beaver Farm fishery’s, Snipe lake East Grinstead and shown here with two fish both taken on catalyst dumbbell wafters fished over corn and hemp with crushed Catalyst boilies soaked in Catalyst particle syrup. A great combination for any time of the year. Well done Chris.
Richard fished an old brick pond and chasing a few shadows sent out a 13ft zig sprayed with a classic corn booster spray and was rewarded install with this little gem.
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Now who wouldn’t settle for a fish like this! Matt Hollingworth with what has to be one of the prettiest fish we have seen for a while. Matt fished Pink Pepper squid wafters over particle and 2mm pellet soaked in our lovely chilli hemp oil.
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Scott Grogan with some fine looking fish from his syndicate. Caught in the recent colder weather. All taken on 12mm Classic Corn boilies.
Here is a happy chappie. James Channel with a recently caught 37lb 7oz Common, taken on a Catalyst Pop-Up fished over Catalyst boilies.
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Richard Handel with one of 4 fish taken on Catalyst washed out Pink Pop-Ups at his local club water during this lockdown.
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Robert West sent us this catch report.
“It was an early start 5:20 at my local club water. After seeing fish showing the day before I got to the peg where I had seen them. I used catalyst crumb and Catalyst 2mm pellets, in pva bags with a classic corn 12x1mm wafter as hook bait. I was not expecting much as nothing had been out for a wile but managed 7 takes between myself and my nephew.
Great combination Robert and well done to you both !
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Matt Hollingworth has been at it again this week landing 3 fish. Biggest was a fish called Porky at 21lb 6oz along with two small commons. All caught off the deck on SF pink pepper Squid and SF catalyst wafters……
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Team member Matt Hollingworth with an old school original mirror called the Halflin, at 24lb 2oz from a local club water even in these cold conditions. She hasn’t graced the bank in a long while…. nailed on a Pink Pepper Squid wafter.
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🌽A Classic from Abbott🌽
Stuart Abbott has been having some good success since Christmas and has banked some chunky mirrors. Classic Corn has been his bait of choice, fishing the wafters and feeding crumbed up boilie with a few larger offerings. #Teamfin #ClassicCorn #Corn #Sweetcorn #Carp #carpy #fishing #angling #can
Single Success for Ginger
Single Hookbaits can be a hard tactic to get your head around, but Ginger Robertson has been at it again, landing five mirrors on a recent day session. A single Classic Corn wafter on a D rig doing the damage. #Teamfin #ginger #mirror #carp #carpy #spottedfin
🎣Wood bags first fish of 2021🎣
Andrew Wood got his ball rolling for 2021 with a lovely looking local mirror. A 10mm washed out catalyst wafter, in a solid bag of milled betaine, classic corn active mix and a few halibut pellets did the job. Well in Andy! #Carp #teamfin #solidbag #pellet #wafter #carpy #mirror
🎯Targets for the year🎯
With lockdowns preventing a lot of us fishing our favourite waters, what are #teamfins targets for the year. Myself I’m looking to finally nail a 30 from Smiths/Hardwick at

Linear Fisheries Official

, had a few fish get very close over recent years and it’s about time I got it done! #carp #Carpfishing #carpy #linear #mirror #target

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💪 David nails Burghfield Brute💪
David Picton has been using The Catalyst to great affect on Burghfield blue pool late last year and topping his catch list, was this brute of a mirror at 37lb 10oz. Awesome capture David and we hope even more slip up this year. #TeamFin #burghfield #carp #mirror #carpy
🤩Scaley Beauty for Ginger🤩
Ginger Robertson has been at it again on a tricky little local water. Fishing single classic corn pop ups at showing fish, Ginger tempted this scaley beauty in the xmas break. #teamfin #carp #corn #classiccorn #carpy #mirror
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Happy New Year from everyone here at Spotted Fin. We hope 2021 knocks 2020 out the park! #spottedfin #newyear #fishing #angling #carpfishing
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