In Search Of The Unknown



I love searching for the unknown carp, it has held me captive on the carp fishing side of fishing ever since I really started fishing.  Over the year’s, I have fished lakes with the known named carp and enjoyed the challenge.  However, there is no feeling like looking for the unknown carp on really unknown lakes.  I haven’t fished as many as I would have liked, in the past 20 years after moving down South.  After being told of the Syndicate where I am currently a member of some years back, it has rekindled my love for this type of carp fishing.


I had spent 5 years on the river before that, which was great fun and I think started me back in this direction.  I had access to the river with my current Syndicate and the Airfield Lake.  This is the part which draws most of my attention – and me away from the odd effort on the river.  The real issue is that the lake is only open 6 months of the year.  This gives the carp 6 months on natural food each year and you have to tackle this at the beginning of each new season.  This is another great challenge.  It was originally a fish farm for many years. it then closed down, netted and a few fish walked over the road to another lake (maybe)!  There have also been a few fish moving in, so we don’t know really what is in there.  We all spot the big carp every now and then, annoyingly in the out of bounds area.  This keeps the spark alive and me going back each year.  Hopefully, for many years to come.


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