Which Lake Is Harder, That the ?

Which is harder big pits or ponds?  This is the question everyone is always going on about and it’s funny how anglers forget, it’s us against the fish.

I personally believe unless you are fishing a stock pond, all lakes are equal.  I fish a small 4 acre reservoir in the middle of a wood, you can happy fish all day long.  I have witnessed a big behaviour change when they hear a bang or a foot step to close, the fish are put on edge and clearly are fully aware when angler’s are present.  The only way to approach this lake is be as quiet as possible.

I have also fished small boating lakes where model speed boats are raced and swimmers get in there as well.  You could probably have a rave there and the Carp would not bat an eye lid.  It’s all about their conditioning to their environment.  This also applies to big pits, if the fish are conditioned to noise and get fed by the public (well the birds do) and the Carp mop up the leftovers – they will not worry at all.  However, find yourself on a big pit which is peaceful and has no real activities, other than anglers, you in the same boat regardless of size of venue.


This was one of the last original fish remaining a lake which was only 3 acres and the fish certainty knew you were there.

This fish came from a lake next to a main road.  This had boats, people and all sorts going on.

All venues, regardless of size should be tried, not all of the lakes I fish are well know and famous but I still give each lake the respect it deserves.


The above fish was taken, by being very stealth-full, on a very busy lake, which proves even on the most noisest of lakes, the quiet approach helps.



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