German Rig

My step by step guide to my take on the German Rig. Which is a great addition to any carp anglers armour.


All the components you will ever need.

Step 1

Spotted Fin Turning Point curved shank Hooks, the perfect pattern and the correct one for this rig and the Ronnie Rig.

Step 2

Take a small length of stiff shrink tubing with is a important factor for this rig, not to be overlooked.

Step 3

Using a kwik change clip, put through the eye of the hook and Slide the shrink tubing down and over the swivel.


Step 4

Heat carefully over a kettle

Step 5

Take two hook beads and a tiny swivel and thread them on bead, swivel, bead.



Step 6

Get a length of floss and thread through the tiny swivel.


Step 7

Put a Wafters on a baiting needle and attach to the floss.


And pull down a gently pushing the tiny swivel into the bait.

Step 8

Trim the floss and blob down with a lighter.

Step 9

Get a length of FinSkin semi stiff coated hook link and tie onto the ring swivel.



Step 10

Tie a loop in the other end

Step 11

Thread a bit of tubing over the top to protect the knot and eliminate tangles.

And the result of the perfect tackle, bait combination


Hope this helps