Top Tip For The Spring

I always like to be prepared and have my pva mesh bag’s made up and soaked, all ready for my Spring campaign.  I have found a very easy way to do this without to much mess,  I prepare the bags before I soak them – instead of soaking the pellets with the oil first.

I very much like micro pellets, as you would not wish to over feed the fish at this time of the year, as it all about attraction.

I then start making up the  mesh bags in various sizes, to combat all my fishing situations.


The one’s the bucket are full.


I then add the oil of my choice.Any good quality one. You get the liquid evenly distributed.  I first put a handful in another bucket and some oil a put the lid back on and shack well.


Repeat the process, until the bucket is full and add more oil if needed.


Once full, leave to soak of a couple of weeks.


And they just look perfect, with the oil soaked into the pva and pellets.

Hope this helps