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I have a small range of Boilies Stops which have had the full Richard Handel Carp fishing tests done and have helped me bag some stunning fish.

Boilies Stops 

I have four different sorts, that I believe will cover all your Carp fishing needs.


Boilie stops- Hair Rig stops- 5 Cards Dark Green – 3 sizes- 315 stops

£ 1.65     Buy It Now

Boilie Stops – Soft Jelly – 5 Cards = 500 Stops

 £1.60     Buy It Now

Boilie stops – 2.19     Buy It Now

Boilie Hair Rig Stops – Carp Fishing – 10 Pack – 1100 stops — £ 5.32     Buy It Now

I have also played around with a few sorts of kickers but found these two types to be the best.

Withy Pool Aligners  £ 2.38     Buy It Now

Kicker Style – Rig Aligners   –  £ 2.38     Buy It Now

And to complement any rig, you need the perfect bit of anti tangle tubing.

Anti Tangle Sleeve – £ 2.07     Buy It Now

And these are just the perfect job.


There are all available on here or in my eBay shop.


Please Visit my ebay site – Carp Tackle Supplies Shop

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Regards Richard 

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