Hampshire Avon Syndicate


I am a member of a syndicate on the Hampshire Avon.

There are about 100 members that travel far & wide, which means that you may never see another angler on there from one month to the next.  The only drawback is that the fish do not see much bait and angler pressure which makes the fishing very hard.

Hampshire Avon Days



Some Nice Scenic shots of the River Avon

I have access to both sides of a 2.5 mile section of the river, which contains 3 weir pools, 1 side stream and goes through a wooded area that gives great stroking opportunities.  There are 4 very shallow runs with a good few large bends with plenty of slack water and numerous deep holes for fish to hide in.

I love the Avon Valley, it’s so peaceful and I do tend to fish quiet waters, rather than busy one’s which has the drawback of making the fishing very hard.  I am happy to make a trade off, as most rivers & lakes have way too many anglers on these days.

It has been a hard year on the river, with all the rain, this has kept it in flood most of the year with the water meadow flooded.  It has made getting to some of the swims very tricky, indeed I walked around in my chest waders all year across the water meadows.  However, we did need it at the being of the year.  In March, I was standing where I was catching Chub in the winter the year before, very odd for the winter.

Photography When Fishing


4 Responses to Hampshire Avon Syndicate

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  2. Alan Martin says:

    Hi, Great photos. I too love the Hampshire Avon valley. Though I’m mostly a fly fisher, and have fished a lot above Salisbury, my favourite stretches to ‘lose myself’ are between Downton and Ringwood.


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