Beginners Guide To Carp Safety

This time I would like to cover carp safety on the bank when unhooking and using a sling + photography.

The most important part of this is the fish comes first at all costs.  You have caught it and well done.  There is no need to put the fish’s life in danger just because you need a photograph.

1. Be prepared, as all good Scouts say, this is so true with fishing.  Part of the process of setting up my rod’s, bivvy etc, I always set up my unhooking mat, water bucket, weighing pole and have my scales in the bivvy door.


I also have my tripod at the ready.

There should NEVER be a need to leave the fish unattended on the mat.

If you’re not ready just put the carp in a sling and safely put it in deep water.  NEVER in shallow or hot water (like this summer has been), there will be a lack of oxygen.  Always have the sling cord at the ready attached to a peg or spare bank stick, all set to clip on.


These are all very simple things and should be organized immediately after, if not before you cast out.

In this day and age, self-take photography amazingly simple and there is no need for that 2am call to your best mate!

Just practice with setting up your camera stuff and doing self-takes with no fish.

Even if I do have a friend about, I generally still set up and do a self-take, that’s the way I have been doing things for over 30 years.


Night shot


Day Shot

Hopes this helps



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