Bait vs Tackle???

I have noticed over the years, that for some reason (or other) anglers will spend thousands of pounds on fishing tackle and then only a few quid on bait.  Why I don’t know.  As all of this expensive kit is sitting on the bank, but it will not put more Carp on the bank for you.  The key to this is bait and attraction.  I know non match angler’s don’t like match angler’s much, but folks, you are well and truly missing a trick.  These boys & girl’s know how to go fishing and attract enough fish to win a match.

Now, if your sitting reading this on a day ticket water, aren’t you fishing a sort of match – against all the other anglers around you??  And if your reading this a lake by yourself, aren’t you fishing against all of Mother Nature’s food sources that are in the lake?  So, why oh why, don’t you stick more bait out?

I am not taking boillies, that’s a small part of the puzzle.  Get talking to the match anglers and understanding the art of attraction.  Don’t feed the Carp from the get go, attract them at first, then feed them and hold them in your area.  Why would they move off one feeding area to another (unless it smells and tastes better)?  Just look at human beings, we have become addicted to fast food,  sweet food etc – all the bad stuff and we know this and can’t stop ourselves.  Now, Carp are a bit different I know and not as stupid as us, they understand what their body needs are and will be picky,  however it can be done.

Don’t go cheap on the attraction, you see all these articles and videos of anglers pouring in a whole bottle of liquid attraction to their ground bait mix.  There is a reason for this and it’s not all about selling it to the everyday angler (which I am).  It does actually work and that’s the real reason.  So, next time you are in the tackle shop spending 400 quid (but don’t tell the Mrs the real cost) on a new bivvy, ask yourself, should I not be spending less on the bivvy and more on the bait?  Do I want to catch more Carp or be more comfortable on the bank and look good with the latest bivvy?  The answer is up to you.


To mention only one of these types of company, Spotted Fin is a perfect example of a company who spend thousands of pounds on research and testing on attraction and ground bait.  The reason I mention this company is their main area is Carp & Match fishing and has been for years.  So you would think they would have the upper hand in that area of the bait industry.  Which I can assure you they do.

Till next time