A Look Into My Tackle Box

The contents of my tackle box is very varied, I don't stick to one brand.  I choose the best from each tackle company.  Some may cost more than others, but mostly all items are very simple.




I have purchased the odd bit of junk tackle over the years.  For some reason, I keep in a big box.  Just in case it may turn out to be useful one day.

I try to keep things neat and tidy (as best as I can), however, sometimes a good clear out is needed.


I just love these compartmental boxes.

These are from a new company called Q-dos Specimen tackle and they are nice and cheap and robust.  In fact, I have 2 of the small tackle Box.


I have a wide choice in hooklink material’s and even more rubbish ones in my box.  However, I do feel they all did testing just in case.


My hooks choice does favour one company (you may have spotted).  It just happened that way.  My friend Rob, who is a consultant, love’s their hook’s.  My local tackle shop finds it hard to get hold of them. I have told Rob so hopefully, this will change at some point.


I carry an array of baiting up tools.  All are a must, in my opinion and my faithful Marker Elastic and a set of Jag Hook-Sharpening & Stones, this is a must for all angler’s


I may have gone overboard on the Chod Rigs ?

In my defence my fingers have trouble doing these and some other rigs.  I can’t believe there may be a use for ready tide rigs,  must be an age thing (joy).

Carp Fishing Tackle



1 Response to A Look Into My Tackle Box

  1. Angler Marty says:

    Nice set up there. I agree with not sticking to a particular brand, it is good to get out there and try and test whats out there in the market to see what works best for you and the species you are targeting.


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