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Spotted Fin is an amazing fishing brand, it is one of the new breed of bait companies who have an amazing ethos – Spotted Fin is the realisation of an idea that began some years ago.  It stems from a desire to create a destination brand for Carp, Match & Coarse fishing in the first instance.

Smokey Jack® – A complete fishmeal boilie range, made with Skipjack Tuna and a blend of individually sourced spices. Using innovative natural smoked flavours never before used in the Industry, Smokey Jack® is set to become one of the most desirable bait ranges for 2018 …

These boilies are a beautiful Red/brown colour and we have packed as much fishmeal and specifically, LT94 into it as we can get in and hold together. We include other high protein based meals to ensure high digestibility contect and they are laden with Tuna Paste Liquids and exotic spices and attractors. To round it off we use ground  kelp meals for added crunch. This is an out an out fishmeal based food bait.

The Catalyst range is what drew my attraction to this brand and I soon found myself part of their journey, testing out some of the products.

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The Catalyst is a new active bait, built from new ideas, using the finest milk and hemp proteins with liquid vitamins, minerals, enzymes and yeasts which allow the bait to be digested easily by the fish. The liquids leach quickly from each boilie leaving a halo of attraction around the area, enticing the fish in and keeping them on the bait and tempting more wary fish that would otherwise swim over baits that dont look they have sat for long in the water.

The Liquid.

The Catalyst: Food Dip - **250ml**

We make our boilie liquid which we developed over a 12 month period working with some of our carp and match anglers to find a liquid fish would turn onto straight away. It was something that provided them with the necessary energy and body building blocks required to be active and grow.

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It takes us 4 weeks to make the boilie liquid. We use active liquids and probiotic yeasts plus enzymes and other natural sugars to build up the liquid over the 4 weeks process. We make the activation of the liquid create a new liquid with a new profile to which we add liver products which round the protein profile out and to give it a slightly different edge.

Only then do we put the liquid into The Catalyst Boilie. So when we make a food dip, we dont use clear cheap glucose liquids with colours or flavours. We make you a dip you can use as liquid food.

This bait has accounted for some stunning fish for myself over the past year and for even more for other anglers.

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Just a few of the stunning fish that this bait is responsible for catching

frank warwick range

Fruit Zing:

My own unique blend of heady citrus and cream flavours that create a beautiful aroma that gets the carp investigating the source. By its nature it is particularly potent on silty waters where normal baits are easily tainted and rendered ineffective, a true classic in every sense of the word.
…Frank Warwick..

Classic Corn:
Sweetcorn is probably one of the best carp baits, so I wanted to develop a top quality hook bait to continue the theme. During trials it became obvious that this stunning bait was going to be a bit special, used over food baits, particles or in isolation as a single hookbait it is ultra effective.
…Frank Warwick..

Masala Spice:
Carp love spices so this extraordinary blend was formulated to stimulate this appeal.Tried and tested over many years and countless sessions it has proven itself time and time again. Some of my biggest visitors to the bank fell for this hook bait, yet another all year round bait that can be devastating.
…Frank Warwick..

Miracle Berry:
I have used and experimented with the legendary carp catching Buchu essential oil for over 20 years. This bait is made with the finest Blackcurrant flavour and is a veritable carp magnet. It will stimulate the carps olofactory system in a profound way. With added N-butyric and Betaine.
…Frank warwick..

Caramel Cream:
Cream baits have featured heavily over the decades of my carp fishing and have stood the test of time, they never fail to deliver. I have the utmost faith in this blend and would go as far as to say it is truly sensational. A true all year round performer you can rely on.
…Frank Warwick..

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and I have not even mentioned the other products, Pellet, Liquids, Boosters and don’t forget the Frank Warwick Pop up Range.

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They are also make tremendous impact on the Match side of fishing.

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The End Tackle range is very inexpressive and had accounted for many of my fish over the past two years.

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As long-time anglers, we felt that the marketplace had become stagnant and monopolised, even.  We wanted to do something about it.

We wanted to offer anglers something a bit different.  Something that fitted with our mantra of ‘choice and quality without compromise.

If you are struggling to catch fish it’s time to join the revolution Spotted Fin

This is a worldwide brand and is available all over the globe. USA, Europe, and now in Japan.


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