Best features to target when carp fishing

I have put together a list of 3 of the best carp features that carp will hold up in, help you bank fish and they are very simple to find.

Carp absolutely love features and hang around them all the time.  These also tend to be areas which contain their food source.  It’s like a sanctuary for them.

1- Overhanging Tree’s –

These are simple to find and more or less every lake has then.  You must bear in mind the possibility of fallen branches and other debris.   The best thing to do first, is just run a lead through the swim, this will help you to determine which part is the best part to fish. I personally like to fish the gravely area under the trees as this has clearly been cleaned by the carp.  I also like to fish a very bright pop up with a good smell.  I have done very well on Frank Warwick’s Masala pop ups, which are bright orange.  The carp are just moving through these areas looking for food and a bright bait will take their interest and they hopefully will investigate.  There is always the possibility of zebra mussel or something that may cut the line, it’s best to fish a heavy line 18lb and I like to fish a heavy hook.


2. Gaps Between Island

This is another very simple feature to find, carp just love these.  They have the possibility to hold food and are generally used as patrol routes between different parts of the lake.  Carp, like humans, generally cut the corners and the best part is the corner of the island.  Mind you, don’t forget the middle as this is a very unfished part of the lake.  If the lake is pressured by anglers, they will cut through the middle.  Bait wise same as before, as they will generally be moving through the area and it will not be a holding area.


3. Humps or Indentation, Gully

I have put these three things all under the same banner.  You will need some help finding and understanding these and before the days of sonar, there was only one way and that was with a marker rod and a lot of time.  Deeper have solved this problem and speeded up this process 10 fold.  Humps & indention’s can be very tricky to find with a marker float and you need a bit of luck on your side.  With the Deeper and the mapping mode on, you will able spot them – not necessarily straight away but when you are at home, reviewing your lake book and spot them. Just like one I have spotted.


And when viewing the feature on the sonar, it’s perfectly clear, this is a brilliant spot.


The same will apply for indentations which a great holding area for carp and will produce carp.  Gully’s are like underwater highways for carp and will take a bit more understanding.  Watching the water will help revel their secrets but just knowing where they are and which direction they go on the lake, is a great starting point.

From a rig perspective, I have found that the Ronnie Rig is the best all rounder rig in any situation from pop up, wafter and even bottom bait.

This rig is a step forward from the original 360 rig, which specifically used the 360 hook from JRC (no longer made by them) but lucky is now made by Spotted Fin

All the above features will certainly help you catch more carp.

Be Lucky