Florocarbon Line


I would like to explain the benefits of using Fluorocarbon main line, in particular the Berkeley brand.  Firstly, there are only two disadvantages, 1) lack of casting distance and 2) with very boldery bottom lakes, the line can get hooked up around a rock.  However, for all other aspects of fishing it’s brilliant.

(1) After casting out, keep the line tight, sink the line down under your rod tips and pay the line out as you place your rod on its rest.  Your line is now in direct contact with your buzzer, even when it hangs straight down.


(2) The really amazing thing is even in a drop back situation the line will pull forward, giving you an indication on your buzzers.

(3) As your line is going straight down off the rod tips and if they are placed close to the bank, you can easily play fish without the risk of picking up another one of your lines.

(4) With the line at the bottom, there is less likelihood of line bites. It’s possible to play fish, without the worries for picking up your line. (If you keep you rod tip set up just over the edge of the swim.)


By using MPS Difant bobbins (which I have featured on my Tackle review page), you can have the bobbin sitting normally, even with the line hanging straight down off the rod tips.  You will need you use a line clip of some sort.


It’s better than sitting it on the floor.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

Till next time.



Buy – Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line


Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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