Local lake’s – Hampshire

I get asked a lot about where to fish in Hampshire so I thought I would put a list of clubs together and a small bio about lakes I have fished on;

Portsmouth Angling

Sinah Warren – This is a lovely lake out on Hayling Island (right next to the sea), it has a good head of carp.  Pete Springate has written about it in some of his books.  I spent a few years on there and had some nice fish.

Bromwich Farm – This lake is situated out in the middle of nowhere, in the Titchfield area but you would never find it if you didn’t have the directions how to get there.  It’s closer to the Solent than any road and holds some lovely fish.

Christchurch Angling

Over the years I have been a member of this club – along with the thousands of other members, which is the big reason why I didn’t get stay too long.  Over the years the club has lost a few waters.  Oddly, I now have access too, via another club.  However, they do have a few good lakes and access to the Avon River & Stour Section


Ringwood Angling

For some reason, I never got round to joining this club, despite having a good few carp lakes.  They now have Rockford Lake on their books and some great access to the Avon River & Stour Section


Test Valley Angling Club

This is a great local club and close to my heart, despite not being a member of over 15 years.  This is where it all started for me when I moved down all those years ago.  I have fished all their waters but by far the best two are.

Nutsey- Still has some of the old original fish that where there when I was fishing.  Unfortunately, the Big Mirror & Common past away some years ago.  However, there are lovely looking fish still in there.

Embey Lake – This lake is very close to where I live and I do get the odd hankerings to fish there again.  But for the cost of the club, it’s a bit high just for one lake.  Winter is coming and you never know…..


Eastleigh And District Angling Club

This is another great local club and has certainly a good number of lakes with big carp and a bit of history behind it.
Lakeside – The lake is situated in the middle of a country park with a model railway by it.  It can be very busy and 24/7 access to the public – not my cup of tea.
Winnal Lake – This lake is situated just on the edge of Winchester.  It is complex of lakes ranging from easy to hard.  There are still a few classic looking carp hidden in there, unfortunately, some years back the otters had their fill.
Wickham lake – Stunning looking lake but it’s not the same lake as when I fished it.  But it will be back up there again, I am sure.
There are a few more hidden gems out there and I will leave you the pleasure of searching them out.  This for me is a great part of carp fishing and is a great past time over the Winter months.  When there are no leaves on the trees, you can drive around looking for that glint of water and then the endless days tracking down the owner or just ‘guesting’ it anyway.
Hope this helps