Baiting Pole Tips

Baiting pole is amazing bits of kit.  I have found my one incredibly useful and it’s certainly has helped me catch fish.

Now, before you rush out and buy one, there are a few things to consider.

1. Cost – you will probably think that a 12m pole will be just perfect for you.  Not the case – as it’s not even 4-rod lengths from the bank.  This means you will need a few extension sections.

2. Carrying it – I have 1 x 12m pole + 11m extension section.  I carry it in an old brolly bag, which was lucky, as you can’t buy anything to carry them in

3. Practicality – they are not that easy to use in small swims or slopping swims as you need to lay the pieces out.

4. Being able to use it – this is not about the operator, it’s about the condition of the lake.  A crosswind or a strong wind will affect the pole and can easily cause the pole to break.

5. Advise

A. Never use on strong winds.

B. Don’t lift, always push or pull.

D. After 12m add extra floats every 10m.

E. When maneuvering the pole in the water, take your time.  As to many side, strains will snap the pole.

F. Dry the pole and keep the joints free of gravel.

G. Treat it with respect.

Hope this helps and doesn’t put you off buying one.  They are a great bit of kit and used correctly will help you bank carp.



Hope This Helps