Blank or Catch an 8 lber?

This is a really hard question because we all hate them pesky little carp.  But after a 3 or 2 nights blanking would you be happy to catch one?  Or after a long period of blanks would a small carp make you breathe a sigh of relief?  Or even when you’re fishing a mega hard lake and you catch the smallest one in there?

Well, I can say that I would be happy.  It breaks the chain and you can think yourself lucky – you’ve done something right.  The bait and rig are working and you picked the right feature to fish.  Just because a small carp picked your bait up, it’s not the carp’s fault and it could so have been the lump you are after.  You’re fishing for carp and you just had one, be happy.  We all know it’s hard sometimes and I certainly feel your pain, as this season all I seem to be picking up the smaller carp but I say to myself I am not blanking, so I am doing it all right.

Food for thought the next time you catch an 8 lber.

Be Lucky

Until next time