Ronnie Rig

My step by step guide to my take on the Ronnie Rig.  Which after using the 360 rig for some years, this rig is a great step forward and improvement on the 360.

All the components you will ever need.

Step 1

Spotted Fin Turning Point curved shank Hooks, the perfect pattern and the correct one for this rig and the 360.

Step 2

Take a small length of stiff shrink tubing with is an important factor for this rig, not to be overlooked.

Step 3

Using a kwik change clip with a ring swivel on the end, put through the eye of the hook.

Step 4

Slide the shrink tubing down and over the swivel

Step 5

Heat carefully over a kettle

Step 6

Take two hook beads and a tiny swivel and thread them on bead, swivel, bead.

Step 7

Get a length of floss and thread through the tiny swivel.

Step 8

Put a Natural Pop Up on a baiting needle and attach to the floss.

And pull down a gently pushing the tiny swivel into the bait.

Step 9

Trim the floss and blob down with a lighter.

Step 10

Get a length of FinSkin semi stiff coated hook link and tie onto the ring swivel.

Step 11

Tie a loop in the other end

Step 12

Thread a bit of tubing over the top to protect the knot and eliminate tangles.

Step 13

Get a small peace of tungsten putty

Step 14

Roll into a small sausage

Step 15

And thread through the ring on the swivel

Step 16

Mould over the knot, the placing of the putty is very important and other people will tell you to put in the swivel. Don’t, the rig works best this way.

And you are all done and ready to catch a carp.

And the result of the perfect tackle, bait combination


Hope this helps