Tec & Accessories Review

(1) Powergen Charger   

I have a very handy gadget for charging my phone and tablet when fishing.

Made by powergen (there are a few models), but I have the 8400 Mah capacity version.  This is just perfect for my needs.  I can charge my phone up with this 4-5 times, before the need to charge it up and without heavy usage it should last a week,  if not a bit more.


There are 4 blue circles, all will light up when it is fully charged and will go out as you use up the change.

There are two USB ports to vairy the output (0.6A) – (2A), it also has a torch function.

There is a micro USB input socket next to the on/off button.


It has multiple adapters.  I have also used other USB cable with no problems,  this is a very handy bit of kit for any type of fishing.

It’s not very big as you can see.

Buy – Power packs-

RAVPower 13000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack with iSma…
External Battery Pack 28000mAh Portable Power Bank Mobile Laptop Backup Charger

(2) Head torch

I have a wind up head torch for the summer (as I hardly ever use it) and a battery power one for the winter (for those long winter nights!).  I even buy them from the Pound shop as I have a bad habit of losing them or leaving it in the car.

(3) Camera Adaptor

I have a great gadget for an iphone/Samsung Galaxy.  It is a tripod adaptor, it means you can do self takes with an app that I have on my phone (I have covered this on my website).

buy – Compact Digital Cell Phone Camera Bracket Holder for Handheld Monopod

(4) Phone (Samsung S6)

My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy s6, it has a good battery life (backed up by my portable charger can last me weeks).  There are some great apps for I use when I am fishing e.g

Twilight – in the hours of darkness turns the normal bright back light RED, this will save you night vision and is not so bright on the eyes!

Metoffice – great for weather information


Weather station – this has a lot more information than the metoffice app and is all on one page. It has the Windchill, Pressure, Dew point and Humidity.  They are both good in their own way.

Camera timer usb – This is a great app if you use your phone to take photos.  It has the following settings, Number of photos, Duration gap between taking a photo and Flash duration.

Once you have the hang of this app and after a few tests, there is no real need for a normal type camera.

Thermos Food Flask

This is a great bit of kit.  If your looking to take HOT food fishing, and can’t be bothered to cook for those short overnight trip’s after work in the week.  Especially as Winter is on it’s way.


You can put your cold food in the microwave proof pot (before you go to work) and then quickly cook it before you go fishing.  It will keep food hot for about 4 hours and my food was still warm after 6 hrs.  This may be useful on those cold winter days pike fishing on the river.



The main part is your standard thermos flask set up, with a nice big lid.


The wife’s beef and mushroom stew, fantastic for those winter nights.

It’s a bit pricey (the pot not the wife’s stew!), however, its that same old rule – you always get what you pay for.  The best bit of non fishing kit I have got this year.

Worth looking into as part of your fishing kit.


I have decided that one of these could be a good addition to my food bag and there is a good chance I may eat some more wholesome food this Winter.  I have a bad habit of buying rubbish food on the way to the lake.

Buy – hermos Premium Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Flask 0.47L

Ridgemonky Toaster


First time – Toasted ham, cheese, tomatoes



Place one piece of bread in the Ridgemoneky, then add all your ingredients…

in this case ham, cheese and tomatoes.  Put another slice of bread over the top, close the lid and cook on a slow heat, that’s important as you could burn the food.




And yes, they do taste great.



The next time I was out I thought I would try some sausages or bacon sandwiches

The first step has to be cook the sausages (no need for food poisoning when out fishing, this happened once and never again).



Then I cut them in half, just to make sure (which also make a better sandwich).



Then place a piece of bread on top and flip over with the lip closed


As before, place another one on top, this also soaks up all the juice (may not be good for the waistline).


close the lid and flip over until the toast is done.


Always cook on a low heat for best results.

Next was the Bacon butty and we do love these.

basically the same steps as above.

20150808_112828 20150808_113055 20150808_113113 20150808_113124 20150808_113657

The list is endless of what you can do.


RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL

RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster standard


Ridgemonky Bivvy light

Currently testing and will review soon

Tf Gear – Tackle


I hope this information is use full.




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  1. paul.gosling says:

    where can you get the powergen from its just wot i need


  2. Fish On says:

    Your Blog is very valuable. Wish to see much more like this. Thanks for sharing your information.

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