Evolution Carp Tackle

As you all know, I have become part of the Evolution Carp Tackle brand.  The reason for this is, after looking at the products (and having a play around with them), I got a call from Kevin (from Evolution Carp Tackle) and after a long conversation, I just couldn’t turn down an opportunity like this.

In general, my fishing at the moment is a quick overnight or a few hours in the day time (when the kids are at school).  I am lucky in the fact that I can go out 4 times a week.  This does sound like a lot of fishing (just ask the Mrs!) but as I keep tell her, if you break it down, the day trips are only 4/5 hrs and the nights are just about 12 hrs.  This does add up to a fair few hours each week but you need to treat each trip as one in itself and they are not long.  I need to get quick results and felt their artificial bait range with the combination of Spotted Fin Bait, will increase my catch rate this year.

A few bits & bobs which turned up.

I am particularly fond of the Ronnie Rig, so how could I resisted these beauty’s?  Now that looks just perfect a pre tied cocktail bait ronnie rigs on a Long Shank Turning Point Hooks.

20171221_132747324218670.jpg                        img_20180105_101535_728562643859.jpg

The Maggot Clusters also take my fancy, as there are plenty of combination available.; from the natural range to the standard range and then it’s your choice on rig combinations.


Perfect combination with a wafter or bottom pop up and the cluster tipping of the boilie or as I have done here, chopped the bait in half.

20180105_0947471162636132.jpg                               Evo Corn Stacks

The corn stacks will be another great aid for me this year.  With so many colour combinations to use in the range.  Over a small stick mix bag, it will look perfect.

I have yet to have a play about with the other bits yet but I will keep you informed as I go along.  I can certainly say that if you are after a bit of an edge this winter give them a go.