Deeper Pro Plus – Does The Business

The Deeper Pro Plus certainly did the business for me and could for you too.

I was out mapping a few spots for the coming season and found a group of carp in a swim.  After I had finished, I returned to check if they were still about and sure enough they were.  As luck would have it, I also brought my tackle down the lake (for this very reason!).

I got the rods all set up and flicked the Deeper out.  I located the spot they were in and the flicked a 1.5oz lead out and then clipped up.  I baited up the rod with a Masala pop up and did the same with the other rod but put a miracle berry Wafter on this one.  I used small bags on each rod, which were sprayed with Catalyst booster spray.

Within an hour I had my first take and before I even sorted the fish out the other rod was off!  I had one fish in the retaining sling and one in the net!

The Deeper Pro Plus is very easy to use and results like this could come your way.

Tight lines


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