There’s A New Day Dawning


As you all know, I have been fishing for a long time and I am still amazed at the number of anglers who just pick a brand and stick with it forever.  This is regardless if there is a downturn in the quality of the products.  I call them Brand sheep.  I agree, there are a lot of similar products out there, however, a little change to products, can make all the difference between a fish on the bank or not.  I have been a fan of the odd product from different brands over the year, but never the full range, as part of the brand sometimes let the side down.

Now the tide is turning and there is a new company in town – Spotted Fin.  I came on board early on and am part of the team.  I am able to test products new to the market.  There is no doubt in my mind, that this company will be taking over the fishing world. You can feel the passion for the best products (with no compromise on quantity), past on to all the team.  They believe in quality always, the angler always comes first and foremost, this is in all the products that I have seen and tested so far.  If I am honest, it’s very hard to find a fault or suggest any improvement, there has been a great deal of effort and thought, gone into every single product with no compromise.




Cannot fault any of these (as you can see from reading my blogs), most of my fishing is close quarters snag fishing and the hook link material holds up amazingly well.




Carrying on from above, I use Finskin in conjunction with these beauties and I can’t fault any of these, the hook hold is amazing



What can I say?  Other than, after I struggled with my previous boilies and then switching over, my catch rate and confidence has risen up and not faltered.



In conjunction with their boilies, the pellets certainly pull the carp onto the bait and have accounted for some very nice fish – for myself and others.



Fruit Zing Wafters



They smell and last perfectly, you couldn’t ask for more.  They are not rock hard (like a lot of pop ups) and are not to soft, they are right in the middle and just spot on.

Stix Mix & Ground Bait & Spod Mix


Krill, Salmon, Tuna – Are one of my stix mix ingredients and without a doubt these are the best on the market.


The range of products is just perfect and whether you are a match or carp angler, these will not fail to catch.



Tuna, Salmon, Krill, Minamino, Betalin


You just can’t go wrong with any of these liquids, there are so many more products coming on line every week – I just can’t keep up.  There is just no compromise on quality and some of these products have been tested over a two year period.

Go on join the revolution.