Fox Spod Bucket Straps

I’ve not done a review on a product for some time, as I’ve not come across that much and I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to reduce my kit I carry. As I’m getting older, I need to be able to carry less kit and age played a part in this purchase. It was simple and lightweight, I was sceptical at first about the stability, this was soon dismissed. I like the fact you can simply strap it to your bucket you carrying about and with 4 lightweight bank sticks (that I carry). I was soon able to spomb out and save my back from being in pain. The strap doesn’t take up much space, it’s very lightweight and it’s very cheap, which is definitely a bonus these days!


Saves me bending over and my back pain.

Helps me spomb quicker and more accurately


That’s a hard one but I suppose it can be a bit fiddly to set up or switch to different buckets 

Star rating


Just because it can be a bit fiddly