The Hidden Secret Of Paste.

Paste is a very successful method of fishing and is a hidden secret which doesn’t get much publicity.  It’s a method I have used for decades (on and off) and I have found it very successful.  I fish with paste directly onto a coil or wrapped around a wafter/bottom bait.  I also put a tiny bag on as well with my stick mix, to add even more attractive to the carp.  This is not just a Winter tactic, I use it a lot in my fishing, especically on the sort 4 hrs trips out.

The finished set up.

1. I like to use a fluro hooklink in a D rig style and thread the small stick mix bag down to the hook.

Twenty pence pcs size

Slide it down the line and the gently pushing the eye of the hook into the bag.

Get a chunk of Catalyst paste and mould it into a soft ball.

About the size of a 50 pence peice and then mould this around the paste coils – you may wish to use more or less depending on what takes your fancy (or if you are moulding to a wafter/bottom bait).

Then slide the small bag down.

And push the hook into the bag, you don’t need to use the bag, I just like to – it’s personal preference.

I then dip the whole lot into some Spotted Fin particle syrup.  Which is nice and sticky and also smells amazing.

All done.

Hope this helps you catch a few.