Stix & Bag Mix

I have been using Stick/bag mix for over 30 years, since I discovered PVA bags (back in the 80s).  At the time they were made by Duncan Kay.  The obvious stuff to put into them, where crushed up boilies and ground bait to make the bag firm.  I have even used particles dried out, covered in oil and ground bait to stop the bags from melting.  My up to date stick mix for this year are some nice products from Spotted Fin.


I have blended three types of their Stix mix together.


I have blended an equal amount of each, together.


With a little help from my youngest


This is her smiley face.


When then added some Spotted Fin Salmon Oil


Once I can squeeze the mix together I am happy.  If you fancy, you can add micro pellets or crushed up boilies.

If you need any guidance on setting up PVA/MESH Bags, I have a page on this and you can follow my step by step guide.

I understand that some people will think this is very expensive.  However, it makes about 2/3 kgs of mix and this is depending on how much you add but it could make a bucket load of bags!  It has accounted for a number of my Carp this year.


Most notable this stunning Common

Update version for 2018

I have made a few adjustment to say the least from some great ingredients from Spotted Fin for this coming season.


Hope this helps

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