Deeper Pro Plus – Overview + Hint & Tips


Once you have mapped your chosen lake, you have a few options when you arrive for your next trip.  I do both depending on the time available to me when I arrive.

Option one

Get the Deeper out and flick it out into your chosen area and double check your spot.  This is a very good idea in the summer months when there is plenty of weed growth.  It’s also very handy in the winter to find any new areas that the carp have been cleaning, silty spots, if the carp have been digging up the bottom and making any new feature.

Option two

You can use your lake book and check for horizon makers and calculate the number of turns to your chosen spot.

Step 1

Instead of using the whole map of the lake you will need to us the individual recordings.



Step 2

Once you have selected your swim out of the list of areas you have mapped, open up that one.




Step 3

Now scroll along the sonar reading until you have found the spot in the swim you want to cast to.  This will be marked by the Deeper image on the screen.


Step 4

I find it best to zoom in on the swim and the press the ruler icon on the right-hand side (just below the satellite icon).  This will make it easier to view where you are on the map and calculate the distance from the bank to your spot.


Step 5

Once you have the distance, you can then zoom out to find a horizon maker.  If not then you can always use the night mode on the Deeper and then you will be able to find the right feature on the horizon.


I have now been using this for just over the weekend and it’s pretty amazing bit of kit and will aid anyone’s fishing.  I have purely been using it as a mapping tool and depth finder at the moment.  The weather has not been helpful on this front.  Way to much rain for me to stand out in.  I’m not that crazy anymore!

This image picked up a lovely slope, with a couple of nice edges where fish would patrol along.  A perfect spot for a bait.

This screenshot has picked out a couple of depressions in the lake.  Another perfect spot and unless you were extremely lucky, you would never find them with a marker float set up.

This final screenshot depicts a steady incline from 11ft up to 9.4ft, again is another likely area that fish would patrol along.

I have been casting the Deeper out and once I found the perfect spot, I flicked the marker out and retrieved the Deeper.  I then cast a lead to the spot and clipped up, as I clearly don’t want to hit the Deeper with a lead!  This is also a good way to get accurate baiting up with the Catapult or spomb.

I have also started to map out the lake a bit and play around with the online map feature. (I need more work on this part)


Some of you will say it’s cheating but I say it’s embracing modern technology.  All people do in one shape or form e.g cars, phone, camera’s, t.v’s etc, so why not fishing tackle?  If angler’s in the past not done this, we would still be using Heron buzzers and Argos chairs.  With the modern-day pace of life, this gadget will save you time and put more fish on the bank, that’s got to be a plus on my book.


Deeper Pro Plus – Hints & Tips

I have been using the Deeper Pro Plus for some time and I have put together a few tips which may help you get more from your Deeper.

1. When you cast out and are mapping the lake, the Deeper will take a few seconds for the GPS to lock on each time – check the GPS icon has changed from orange to green.


2. If you reel in too fast, you can create a false reading for the depth on the Deeper.


As you can see from the middle part of the screenshot that the Deeper been pulled down into the water.

3. If the Deeper doesn’t auto connect, you can manually do this via Setting –

manage Deepers –

Refresh & then Connect, in most instances this will have already happened.


Hints & Tips Video

Part 1


Part 2  


Hopes these two videos help you with your Deeper Pro Plus


Until Next Time


Deeper Pro Plus- Hints & Tips P4

I love my pike fishing and the Deeper is a great way to locate bait fish in a swim – be it on the river or lake.  This helps me a great deal with my fishing when I get only a few hours on the bank.  You can search out the bait fish or if you are lucky find a pike.  This will stop wasting time in swims with no fish.


With a quick under arm flick, you can check out some great margin features.  This can also be used on the river bank to great effect.

This hole contains bait fish and the potential of a big pike.

And another example of a group of fish.

Deeper Pro Plus – Hint & Tips – Night Mode – Part 5

Night mode is a very useful tool for the angler who arrives at the lake after dark.

Night mode solves this problem as you have the ability to change the black cap over to an orange one.  If you then set your Deeper to the night mode function, you will get a flash of orange light.

This is very visible at an amazing range.  You can then follow your normal process of clipping up and adding enough to allow for your bait to land on the spot.  The beauty of the light is that you can line this up with a horizon marker and you will be safe in the knowledge you are fishing the perfect spot, even in the dark.

To set up night mode.

1- open the Deeper app and select settings

2- Scroll down until you find night fishing, which will be set to off.

3- Select night fishing

4- and change to on

This will activate the flashing light

Part 6

HelpFull Guide



Hope this helps