Deeper Pro Plus – Overview

I have now been using this for just over the weekend and it’s pretty amazing bit of kit and will aid anyone’s fishing.  I have purely been using it as a mapping tool and depth finder at the moment.  The weather has not been helpful on this front.  Way to much rain for me to stand out in.  I’m not that crazy anymore!

This image picked up a lovely slope, with a couple of nice edges where fish would patrol along.  A perfect spot for a bait.

This screen shot has picked out a couple of depressions in the lake.  Another perfect spot and unless you were extremely luckily, you would never find them with a marker float set up.

This final screen shot depicts a steady incline from 11ft up to 9.4ft, again is another likely area that fish would patrol along.

I have been casting the Deeper out and once I found the perfect spot, I flicked the marker out and retrieved the Deeper.  I then cast a lead to the spot and clipped up, as I clearly don’t want to hit the Deeper with a lead!  This is also a good way to get accurate baiting up with the Catapult or spomb.

I have also started to map out the lake a bit and play around with the online map feature. (I need more work on this part)

Some of you will say it’s cheating but I say it’s embracing modern technology.  All people do in one shape or form e.g cars, phone, camera’s, t.v’s etc, so why not fishing tackle?  If angler’s in the past not done this, we would still be using Heron buzzers and Argos chairs.  With the modern day pace of live, this gadget will safe you time and put more fish on the bank, that’s got to be a plus on my book.


Hope this is a help