How To Spomb – My Way

I have always used a spod – even when I use to make my own from bottles in the 80s.  With the creation of the spomb, it all changed, no more getting covered in bait or putting foam in the top.  I thought its best to give anglers my guide to spombing.


You will need

  1. Good make of spomb rod
  2. Big Pit reel
  3. 25lb+ Braid
  4. 20lb+ Nylon line
  5. Spomb

If you can cast a good distance, you will find Spombing very easy.  It’s all about practice and being accurate.  I always clip up, to get the distance perfect and keep the rod tip high.  Once the spomb hits the clip, let the rod tip down, it will take the pressure off the line and stop crack offs.

Use a good knot to connect the nylon line to the braid (Not sure of the name of the knot I use).  I also use a Palmour knot with a big loop, this enables me to change Spomb size, if need.  It is a very strong knot and the less components the better.

Don’t over load the Spomb, as this will impede the casting ability – until you get the hang of it.


My old  trusted Spomb


My trusted spomb reel.  No need for vast expense kit, as long as it does the job.


The full set up 

Any more information check out my blog on the Spomb Phenomenon!

Hope this is of help