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I do a lot of five-hour trips over the winter and even the summer months due to school hours.  I’ve found that the deeper has saved me so much time.  There is no point in fishing in the wrong spot for five hours.  It’s best to be in the right spot for two hours and spend the other three looking for fish.  If you fish a lake like I do, the chances of a fish giving away its location in late morning to early afternoon are zero.

I have already mapped the lake and generally have an idea where the fish may be but there is still a lot of water to cover in such a short time.

I have solved this by carrying the deeper with me on these short trips and then spend some time looking for the fish.  This can be straightaway or take a couple of hour’s but results in a carp or two.

My best result was on a winters day, I found a group of fish and out of interest I carried on looking for more for about an hour.  I didn’t find anything.  So, despite the swim being underwater and lucky for me I had some wellies in the car.

I made up a couple of tiny PVA bag and flicked out two baits on the spot.

and within an hour, I had banked a 30+ and near 20.

This certainly goes to show that you can save yourself a lot of time and bank some cracking fish on short trips using the Deeper.

Hope this helps


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