Sleeping Bag Review

Over the years of fishing, I have tried many sleeping bags and I am so glad that technology has moved on.  I get quite cold really quickly in the Winter, I have put this down to, too many Winter Pike sessions without adequate clothing back in the early 1980’s.


I use two sleep bags, one for the Summer and one for the Winter.  The main reason for this, is that is that it gives me an opportunity to wash and air them, as I do a lot of nights each year.

My summer bad is a Trakker Big Snooze, this is very light and can be stuffed in a very small bag or even left on the bed chair to save space. This bag is perfect for those summer nights and I have found that there is no need to have the zip done up.

Link —   Trakker Big Snooze Plus Compact

My Winter bag is a Trakker Pertex, which unfortunately is no longer made. It’s like having a 15 tog duvet folded in half.  I hardly ever have the zip done up, as I like to be on the rod’s as quickly as possible.



Link – Trakker Sleeping bags

I had been using a Trakker cover for the past 10 years (ish).  Last year I decided to change over to the Nashy Air Shrood Cover, as I often sleep under the stars in the Summer.  I love doing this as it takes me back to when I started fishing for Carp in the early 80s.



link – Air Shroud

The handy thing about these, is if you get a larger size to your bed chair you can hold up one corner like a bivouacked style set up.

There are so many more options available now, with the likes of the sleep systems available.  I am not sure about the bulkiness of these and you may need to have a bed chair  bag.  This adds up to even more kit to carry and I keep trying to reduce this, as it helps if you need to move swims.

Hope this helps