How To Catch More Carp

Below are my 12 tips to help you catch more carp.  These will all depend on the type of lake you are fishing.

(1) sharpen your hooks

(2) check your mainline for damage, before you start each session

(3) use safe rigs at all time

(4) keep away from other anglers in quiet corner or bays/banks

(5) keep your eyes on the lake for any signs of fish

(6) watch other anglers, to see if they catch and remember where the caught from for next time

(7) pre-bait if allowed and be mindful of other anglers

(8) have a look round the day before at dawn or dusk

(9) walk around as often as possible, the more the better

10) make friends on the lake

(11) moving onto fish, especially on short sessions, not so much on long sessions, unless there is a real change in conditions.  I have found that by moving,then other anglers turn up, they push the fish to were you original were!

(12) the most important thing to remember, is never get hung up on other peoples catches (unless you know them very well), you will not be able to judge how much they fish & when they catch. I have fished a lake, that the most of the carp came out in the day and I only fished at night.  When we added up all the fish that came out at night, I was doing OK on the catching front.  My point being, that don’t judge yourself with other peoples catch reports!

Hope these helps



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6 Responses to How To Catch More Carp

  1. Wayne says:

    I love to fish and it is mostly bass and trout here in Upstate N.Y- It bothers me that carp are treated as a “trash” fish and are sometimes shot with bows. The two times I have accidentally hooked a carp are two of my best fishing memories.(They got away both times!) I am asking you as a fan of this fish- what would be the best way to start to fish in an area with much carp and no fishing pressure on them at all. I practice catch and release except for a few trout and the occasional walleye which are very good to eat. I am speaking out of respect for this much maligned species on this side of the Atlantic.
    Thanks Wayne


  2. Matt Collins says:

    That’s a good list. Particularly agree with the hook sharpening, nice to see you put it at the top, it has transformed my angling.


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