Line Change Time

Here’s a thought, when spooling up line, do you spool up two or three spools all the with the same line?  If so, why?  Unless you fish all your baits in the same situation, why would you need all the spools to have the same line?  Unless you fish the same spots with all your rod’s – which I’m sure you don’t.  For example, a distance rod requires a distance line, a margin bait would be better suited by using a fluorocarbon coated line, to enable it to be pinned down to the bottom.

If you look at my photo of my rod’s shots on the bank, you will spot that I don’t always use the same line on both rod’s.

When I spool up my reels and spare spools each time, I try and cover all the fishing situations which I will come across that year (as best as I can).  This year I have gone for.


For distance, this time I am using ASSO Mainline Pro & Mainline Abrasion



And for the margin fishing, I spooled up with Fluorocarbon coated & Sinking Mainline

All done and set for the next few months.

Hope this Helps