NSR Net -By Evolution Carp Tackle – Update

My new NSR net arrived today, with super quick delivery from Evolution Carp Tackle.

I would highly recommend that you read the leaflet that comes with the NSR.  I know as a breed us men don’t like to read instructions. THESE are critical to the operation of the net on and out of the water!

I can’t wait to get on the bank to try my NSR out and land my first carp in it.

Update Time

Well over the last 8 months, I have certainly put this net through its paces.  I can say for sure it’s so much safer and easier to retain the carp, in the knowledge that they are not put under any more stress than necessary.

Firstly, it’s a completely different way of netting fish and you need to read the instructions carefully.  You basically net the fish by lifting the handle of the net up and the cord sinks down.  Once the fish is in the net you lower the handle, let your line go slack and the carp drops to the bottom of the net.  You can leave it thereby securing the net to the bank  – or as I tend to do, break the net down and convert it into the retainer and leave the fish in there until you have set up your weighing equipment/camera stuff.