Hampshire Avon Trip’s – 2012 – 2014


Trip No8


Trip No7

I am back out on the River again and I would be a fool not after seeing those fish the other day.  It has been 5 days since I was here last, so hopefully the Barbel are still hanging around this area.


I have moved one of the rod’s down the river a bit, as there is a large clearer patch of gravel and it is a bit further away from the other rod.



Both rod’s are baited the same as last trip.  I have added some Korda sinkers on the hook link.  This will keep it flat on the river bottom.


Hopefully these will help.


I am hoping to stay here untill around 1030 pm, it would have been better if I got to stay later, but I have to be at work by 0530.

I did stay until 10pm and had a few knocks, but that was it.

Till next time

Trip No6

This is my first spot on the river today.  A nice early start with a nice bit of mist/fog on the Hampshire Avon.


This area is quite fast flowing, with a nice weed bed you can drop your baits over onto a gravelly channel.  However, with the reduced weed growth this year, the silk weed is a big problem.  It rolls down the river on the bottom, like tumble weed.  This then clogs up around the lead and hook baits, whch is not very helpful. I hate to cast out a lot when Barbel fishing.

It’s been over 2 hours without out a nock,  so it was time for a wonder around as the light was much better and I could see the bottom and any clear patches.  I had a good look around the area I was currently in.  I needed to move and after a long walk with plenty of looking and not seeing any fish including Chub. I finally spotted a barbel WOW.


Just behind the rushes on a big clear sandy patch. (Sorry about the photo, I did not fancy disturbing the swim to much. ) I put a brand new hook link and hook on (not wishing to take any chances) and with a ball of scholed pellet round the hook.  I creeped up, lowered the bait down as best as I could and then sat back for a long wait.


Rod on the rest and coffee in hand,  let’s hope it happens soon.  😉

After another 3 hours, no joy, dispite seeing a barbel.  I was getting itching feet, but I forced myself to stay put for a bit longer.  It got the better of me and I was off for a walk.  Before I wondered off, I put a couple of handfuls of bait out.  Anyway, after some time and only a couple of chub spotted there was no real other choice but to stay put.  I do love doing days on the river, as it’s the only real chance I get to have a good look round.  Normally I am a bit rushed in the evening and with the nights closing in fast and the clock’s changing soon,  I really did need a good look about before I lost the chance.

I can’t believe my luck.  I crawled up to the rivers edge to check my bait and there was a barbel feeding.  I creeped back and after 45 mins I knew that there must have been some thing wrong.  No signs of barbel.  I opted for a rebait, the hook had been masked by the weed, (which is nice).  I redid the rod and all the freebies had all gone.  Well at least I know they like the bait and for good measure I did the other rod.  I also spotted another barbel and a nice carp just below my other rod.  They were on another clear gravelly spot behind the rushes.

Well at least I am in the right area and I believe my tactics are spot on.


A nice bucket of scoled pellet which I am moulding round the hook baits


                         Bait-Tech pollony boilies

I can’t be too far of the mark and it’s not for the want of trying over the years (well 4 at least).  I would like to point out in my defence, that this section is very hard and there are so few members.  This is the trade off for peace and quiet fishing.  I did try some years back, on a club stretch and I was amazed that there were 3/4 people set up on a bend.  All with two rod’s each, I only did 3 trips, can’t cope with that many people,  today I have seen NO ONE in the whole mile stretch I have walked.


I have been getting great rafts of weed coming down the river today, lucky the flow takes them just away from my spots.



Well is 1845, the light is fading fast and I have been fishing for over 12 hour’s with no joy.  Dispite seeing 2 barbel & a carp,  Mr Chub has even not put in a appearance.  Bob the Bailiff (I believe his cousen could be in construction!) did drop by for a chat and feels the fish are fishing harder this year.  This is due to the lack of weed growth.  saying this a few barbel and carp have been had this year, including the one I had back in August.


Nice dark fish,  spot the double rainbow,  perhaps that’s what was missing today.

Must keep my hope’s up as I still have a couple of hours to go.


The last fading light of the only bit of sunshine I have seen today.  It has been great weather for fishing.

And I didn’t blank, I ended up with Mr Chub!


5lb 4oz

Till next time
Be lucky

Trip No5

This week I am giving the lake a break and have a go on the Hampshire Avon.  The weather has turned out hot and sunny this afternoon and after a long walk around I am still a bit lost as to where to fish.  The shallow or deeper water?


After a couple of false starts and some swan trouble I settled for an area with both options (a shallow area leading into a much deeper area on the far bank), the swan’s were a royal pain in the you know where!  I had picked their favourite feeding area (joy).


After an hour of the swan’s, could take it no more and I had to move.  I went for a swim with a nice overhanging tree, which I liked the look of.  It was on the way up the river, with a hugh raft of weed to fish under.  I did hope this would be weed free, as there is still a lot of silk weed around this year, due to the lack of other types of weed in the river.


I was on my normal mix of pellets/ground bait + sweetcorn, all mixed up with some liquid attractions.


The sky got very moody


And the dam swan’s had found me again!  Can’t believe my luck today.

After the swan’s moved in again,  I was completely peed off and not in the mood to fish (swan) anymore.  So home I was going.  I did look in another swim,  but I did not fancy it.

Till next time

Trip No4

I am back out on the Hampshire Avon after barbel again.  I am also bringing a guest along.
We started off close to the same swim as my last trip as it was looking good.


We were only using 1 rod each as to not spook the fish.  I was on more of a social trip, which is a chance to catch up on man talk,  I live in a house full of girls (even the cat was a girl), this was well over due.  However, after some hours and still no joy and a long conversation with the bailff, we thought it was best we moved to another area where he had seen barbel recently.


Now, that looks a bit better and we may be in with a chance.



Nice clear gravel spot and an overhanging tree for Mr Barbel/Mr Chub to hide under.  I dropped my bait about a foot in front of the tree, fingers crossed it should drop down under the tree and the large griper lead should hold the bottom.  I am putting out my normal mix of Bait-Tech goodies with plenty of attractions and we will see what happens.

Unfortunately, with all our best efforts, we both blanked, oh well.

Till next time


Trip No3

After a couple of weeks off for a very nice family holiday,  it’s time to get out fishing again.  Unfortunately, work has gone mad and my time is going to be limited for the next month or so.  Which is a shame, however, you need to get the money to buy the stuff to get out and play (that’s life).  Anyway, I have a few hours free, so off to the river for me.  I felt that this was the best plan for me this evening. 


It had been a bit stormy and hopefully that would stur the fish up for a bit of a feed.

I found a nice area which had a very clean patch of gravel, by some norfolk reeds.  I dropped a few small balls of bait-tech ground bait mixed with pellet, sweetcorn and plenty of liquid attraction.  With a bit of fake pellet as hook bait and some paste moulded around it, I carefully lowered the rig down on to the clear patch of gravel.

The other rod was flicked across the other side of the river onto a shallow sandy patch.


After 2 hours of the swans plowing up and down feeding, I was getting a bit fed up.  The sun was coming out it and it was turning into a pleasant evening.  I moved my other rod to this bank, a floating raft of weed was under my rod tip.

I baited up with a small amount of goundbait, I am using bait-Tech pollony boilies with some broken in half.  I dropped some at other end of the raft, so they drifted down stream towards my hook bait.  The plan worked!


Not bad for an evening Barbel fishing.

This was my first Hampshire Avon Carp,  I am over the moon eben though it only weighed 13-7.  This was all that I had.

Till next time

Trip No2

As my time is limited due to work commitments, I am back out on the Hampshire Avon again for a few hours.  As I don’t even have enough time to look around.  I headed straight to a shallow fast flowing section, where in prevous years barbel had been caught.




I had a hope I would get lucky one of these days and bag myself my first Hampshire Avon barbel.  The tactics regarding the bait were the same as the previous trip on the river.

By 1030 pm and without a signal knock, it was time to head home.

Till next time


Trip No 1

I have finaly made it out for a short evening session on the Hampshire Avon.  It’s more of a reconisance mission to hunt down the carp.  I didn’t want to waste this time, as it’s still light to gone 10pm.  Therefore, I have taken the rod’s with me to have a go for the barbel and chub!
I had a good walk around for about 2 hours, looking for any signs of Mr Carp, I only found Mr Chub.


I settled to fish an area which had a nice sweeping cor

I have finaly made it out for a short evening session on the Hampshire Avon. It’s more of a reconisance mission to hunt down the carp. I didn’t want to waste this time, as it’s still light to gone 10pm. Therefore, I have taken the rod’s with me to have a go for the barbel and chub!
I had a good walk around for about 2 hours, looking for any signs of Mr Carp, I only found Mr Chub.

ner, I have been unable to fish before, due to the water/weed levels.  There is no real weed growth at the moment and the water level is good.


I am fishing with feeders, packed with Bait-tech pellet, which have been soaked in Gulp Baits Liquid attracts, they also have a nice bit of Sonubaits paste(hemp oil & spicy sauage) – boy o boy does it stink, every thing I touch will smell of this for days!  The fish are so going to love it.


And for good measure, I put a good dolup of the paste round the hook bait, with some extra pellet.


I just ended up with a chub of around the 5lb mark, not bad for my first trip this year.


Till next time


Trip No 12 River Fishing (2013)


Out for 4 hours only this time due work commitment, unfortunately blanked,  however the Sunset was great.



Trip No 11 River Fishing (2013)


I am after a nice big chub, that I spotted the other week, just below a big snag.


With no joy and the light fading it was time to head home.

Trip No 10 River Fishing (2013)

Out for a short evening trip after barbel & chubs as normal.


With only a few knocks by 1030 pm, it was time to go home.

Trip No9 Fishing (2013)

I am on the river again.  Unfortunately, due to a bad day in the office, I was 4 hours later to get into a swim than I had planned.  Which I had baited up after the last trip, when my friend had spotted a Barbel.


By 9pm, I was starting to wonder if I was going to blank, as I only had a couple of rod tip nocks.  However, at around 9.45pm I was into a very nice Chub around the 6lb + mark.  Unfortunaly, my scales were broken, but as I have had a fare few 5lb + fish and this was way bigger.  Dam shame could of been a New PB I will never know.  I had better get down the shop and get some new scales before my next trip

Trip No8 River Fishing (2013)

I am out on the river again doing a night with one of my friends.  He is fishing for Carp & I am after the Barbel.  We arrived about 4pm in the car park and set off for a good look around.  With only sightings of Chub, we opted to fish the opposite end of a big bend with plenty of options.


All set up with my trusty Fox Ultra 50 brolly.  Well, the night pasted with no signs of Barbel or Carp, just plenty of 5lb+ Chub.  After a very non eventful day with plenty of walking around fish spotting, my friend spotted a Barbel.  So it was time for as quick swim move and after about an hour the rods were back out again.


One by the tree and the other in the clear run that the barbel was spotted.


We ended up with 12 x 5 lb+ Chub between us both.  However, with no sign of the Barbel spotted earlier on, we stayed until 10pm .

Trip No7 River Fishing (2013)

This trip I was taking a guest, with the aim of catching him his first Chub.  I pick him up at about 6pm and we drive down to the river.  I already had a swim in mind and with a quick walk across the fields, we were there.  Having fished this area before and had a few Chub I put my friend in the best spot, which was a nice deep hole with a back eddy.

We were using Gulp Bait Red Crustacean Boillies with pellet and Bait Tec Hemp and after about an hour he was starting to get some knocks.  Unfortunately, the weed caused some issues and he had to recast a bit until the best area to avoide the weed flow and about 30 min after that he had is first Chub.20130722_204130 The first of 2 x 5lb + Chub that he had (his first ever & biggest fish)


and a nice sunset as well.  I did have my rods out, however, as I was aiming to get my friend some Chub I was not really concentrating and blanked myself.  This did not matter at all as he & I  were very pleased, which is was it’s all about.  It’s nice to escape the world some times and help someone to enjoy the pleasure of fishing.

Trip No6 River Fishing (2013)

I am out for my Monday evening trip on the river.  As ever I am hoping for my first Hampshire Avon Barbel, which is proving very hard.  This is my fourth season, mind you, last year was a complete wash out with all the flooding. It’s a bit early for the barbel yet, but as I am still learning I feel it’s best to start now and hopefully get a feel for the river.  As I am splitting my fishing this year between the river and lakes, I only get to fish Monday evenings from about 7pm.


This week I have gone for an area that I hope looks Barbely, with a nice snag and shallower water with weed running through the middle.



Let’s hope my luck is in tonight.

I had to wait until 21.30, before my frist fish was in the net.  Chub as normal, at around the 3lb mark.  I stayed until 22.30 with no other action, must be the hot weather

Trip No5 River Fishing (2013)

I am out for an evening session on the river,  well about 4 hours.


There is a nice slow running area with a back eddy, which has a nice area of gravel.  I have dropped a couple of hand fulls of Gulp Baits Red Crustacean boilies 12&16mm over one rod.


And the other rod with a large 2oz swim feeder, filled with ground bait and Bait Tec Hemp, which hopefully will do the trick.


My first bite was a nice 5lb 6oz Chub


Shame the G6 & remote are at home, so no self takes.  I had to use the phone, which all the other photos are done on anyway.

Other then a few knocks from smaller fish, that was the only fish I had

Trip No4 River Fishing (2013)

I am on the river again, this time with a friend as a guest.  I like to give my guest the choice of the swim.  We ended up opposite were I was catching the pike in the Winter, as the bailiff had advised that there had been good bags of Dace had along that stretch.  This was my guest’s chosen target fish.


I opted to fish just up stream from a fallen tree and hope some Chub may be held up in there.


I also found a clean run on the far back, just above another fallen tree.  This also looked good for the odd Chub and maybe just maybe a barbel if I am lucky!


As there were no signs of any chub or barbel, I ended up getting the float rod out, with my center pin reel a trotting for some Dace. I had about 8 Dace, 3 of which were a nice size (even they were hard work to catch!), by 7pm we both had had enough and headed home.

Trip No3 River Fishing (2013)

I am back out on the river this afternoon and evening hoping that I can find some barbel or carp, as I have got a bit more time today.
In the end, I settled for swim on a big swiping bend, with a slow shallow run by some reeds and a deeper run in the middle.


Rod 1 was cast upstream by some reeds, with a 16mm Gulp baits Red Crustation boilie, a 1.5 ft flourocarbon hook link with a size 8 korda kaptor wide gape hook.


And with a large home made stone weight.


A 1oz back lead to keep it all pinned down.

Rod 2
Was cast 10ft off the bank, into a deep clean run.


A 2oz large swim feeder with a mix of hemp/ground bait and small pellets with a 3ft hook link set up as rod 1.

At around 8pm, I moved up the river 20 yards as it would give me a better angle to the reeds, and I was also having a lot of weed issues on the line of the other rod.


By about 10.30 pm, it was time to call it a day.  I ended up with a couple of small chub for all my effort this evening.

Trip No2 River Fishing (2013)

Back out again after the chub & barbel.  Armed with 2 rod’s and buzzers this time as I am planning on staying till after dark.


I baited up with a mix of 12mm & 16mm Gulp Baits Tuna & Spice boilies + some trout pellet.

And had a nice 5lb 4oz Chub



Trip No1 River Fishing (2013)

I am out roving on the River tonight and generally having a good look round.


Just one rod and some bait.


I had a nice 4lb 10oz Chub from this swim

At the moment I only get a limited amount of time to fish, (Monday evenings) due being overloaded with work. So I thought I would do a spot of chub fishing on the Hampshire Avon as the levels are up and was hoping the fish would be held up in the slack water.


Normally i am sitting in the Rushes to keep myself Hidden not much choice with the river up this high

I had a quick look on the Sunday afternoon as I knew the river was in flood still. It was so high the car park was under water and I needed my waders to get to the areas I was interested in. I ended up choosing not the normal type of swim you would expect to find chub held up e,g snaggy. It was on a big bend with a large area of slack water, I baited up with a mix of 12/16mm Gulp Baits Red Crustacean Boilles mixed with hemp & pellet on the Sunday night. So, when I got there Monday after work I would just use a large feeder to top up the swim every 20 mins or so. Well, after wading through the water meadows that were in some places over 2ft deep I finally got to my baited area. I quickly got the tackle sorted out and within minutes the rod trip was knocking and soon I had hooked in to my first chub, a nice one at 4lb 12oz, and with an hour and a half I had 3 more 4lb+ fish topped by a 5lb 10oz fish.

                                                               5.10 chub

Not bad for 2 hours fishing! I did the same the following week and managed another 3 4lb+ fish.

These Avon Chub just love The Red Crusty

That’s all for now


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