Trip No 4 Carp Fishing (2015)

Here we are again out fishing, I got a brucey bonus from work!  I was on the lake by 2pm, this was great news for me,  as this was still the first week, there were only a few people fishing.  This is a great winter water.  There were only 4 people there and they were all nicely spread out, shouldn’t complain.


I fancied the back of the wind, the fish had slowed down due to a fair bit of snow and the lake partly freezing over, I felt that this would be the best option.


This tree line did look good, I thought that if the fish were over there, I was not going to blast them with bait or leads.  So single hook baits it was going to be the order of the day and if the fish had been put off with lots of bait going in,  I maybe in with a shout.  Bit of a gamble, as they had been feeding well.

It was going to be another cold one,   Around 1930 and after a very hard week at work, I settled down in my sleeping bag.  I was woken by a couple of beeps on the right hand rod around 0130, the bobbin was staying up and I got another single beep.  Time to hit the rod and pulled into a bit of a lump.  This was heading right, which would take it into the bay behind me.  Not good for me as there is a big tree in the water. I started to pump the fish towards me, this felt like a life time and finally when I lifted the tip up, the fish was in front of me and after playing it, a nice 25lb 8oz Common was in the net.


I recast and tried to get my head down again,  Unfortunately, I was buzzing to much, I must have fallen asleep at some point as I was woken by the warm sun light.


Behind me in the small bay was a bit frozen.

I did think it was a bit cold out there, but it was lovely and warm now.  Hopefully I may get another fish on, during the day, before its time to head home.

The sun finally came out and started to warm up the far bank.  By 11.00 the cloud was back and the wind had picked up, by  14.00, it was time to start packing up, can’t complain.

Till next time

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