Trip No 15 Carp Fishing (2015)

Wow, the weather is just perfect this Sunday – a big storm is pushing though from the West, it has strong winds with it, hopefully it will stur up the Carp.  There has also been a lot of rain, I am hoping that’s not going to put them off too much.  The temperature is also up and it all feels a lot more like carp fishing weather.


I have picked a swim on the side of the wind,  so that there is a nice blow on the water in front of me.  I am also in casting distance of the east bank, this is taking the full force of the Westerly.


I am only using single hook baits and small bags until this evening as the clocks changed today I have an extra hour of day light before I need to settle in for the night.


I woke in the morning and couldn’t believe I blanked with these weather conditions.  It may have been too cold in that wind for them, perhaps I should have been at the back of the wind?


With the barrow loaded, it was time for work again.

Till next time



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