Trip No 14 Carp Fishing (2015)

I am out for my Thursday night session and as work is winding down,  I was able to leave work at 1400, which was fantastic news.  I was driving around the lake, looking for suitable swims by 1430.  This gave me a great opportunity for a proper good look about.  Unfortunately, there were a few day anglers on the lakes.  I already had got a bit of a plan in my head, I was going to use the strong wind to help get the lead out towards the island.  After a conversation with a friend on the phone Sunday night,  he reminded me of this tactic.


And after some practice and changing over to my 13ft marker rod,  I made it.  Think I may need a pair of 13ft rod’s now,  ssh don’t tell the wife. (She is my editor anyway, so may find out!)


And with a bit more effort, I also managed to get the spomb out as well with a little bit of bait out.  I was feeling happy with myself, even with arm ache!  I also may need some casting lessons from Mr Rob Nunn, he is pretty awesome when is comes to getting baits past 200 yard’s.

At around 1630 a couple of fish rolled and one of them was a very nice mirror.  Now this give me even more confidance, with the sun setting, the temperature was doing its normal thing of dropping fast.


At around 2230, I had a slow take on the right hand rod’s. As I pulled into the fish, I could tell it was a big lump as it plodded along.  After about 1 minute the fish become firmly stuck behind a bar, there are still some large lumps of stone lying around the lake bed, I think the fish had found these.  The only option was to loosen off the cluch and put the rod down, after what felt like a life time, the line was off again.  I pulled into the fish again and could feel the fish, the line was still lodged round a boulder.  I could feel the fish shaking it’s head, the line went slack, the rod tips pulled back and the fish had shed the hook.  Oh drat and bother I said to myself (or words to that effect!)

And that was, for the rest of the night.

Till next time, better luck.


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