Trip 62 Carp Fishing- 2018

As the end of the week approaches, the weather forecast became a lot clearer.  There was storm due from late Thursday night until Sunday afternoon and with the pressure way down to 1004mb, it was time for going fishing.  Unfortunately, this would mean my first night set up, as both my kids have after-school clubs and I would not be home to load the car until 1845.  This would not give me very much time to arrive before dark, if at all, but with even a minor set back after forgetting something and popping back home – I couldn’t go without my tablets.  Oh, the joy of getting older!

I was not really sure which lake to even go to, so I headed for the Meadow lake as it was first on the way.  It was pretty empty and an area that had been fishing well, (which I also hadn’t fished for over a year) was free and the two other areas I had in mind where occupied.  The airfield lake is very open and I didn’t fancy my chances of not being blown away in the 50mph winds which are forecast!  My choice was made and with the light fading fast and the ever closer prospects of heavy rain, the bivvy was set up first.


I then set about the rods this was going to be tricky as the spots in this swim are pretty hard to cast to in daylight.  So, with that in mind, my left-hand rod would be fished near the end of a bar, not so far out and I would be able to get a couple of Spombs close by.  The other was not going to be that simple.  As I didn’t fancy too much of an issue, I kept well away from the right-hand island/tree line, as I felt it would be my best option.

I planned on being up early and getting the rods into perfect position for the day and then getting some bait out around noontime.  With this in mind, the Bay rod was a large PVA bag with crushed all sorts that I make up from Spotted Fin products and a Wafters was tied on.  The other rod I tried a bag but with the wind and extra distance out, there was too much of a bow in the line.  I couldn’t make out if I had clipped the trees as the wind was pushing hard on to the island.  So, I reeled in and a heavy lead was put on and I fished a single hook bait half Smokey Jack boilies with a half pop up.

I did manage to get 4 Spomb loads sorted near the left-hand rod.

The wind was picking up nicely and the rain was still due, it was time for a brew, some food and watch Netflix until the early hours.  This was when it was due to settle down a bit and the rain dies away.  There was no real point in trying to get my head down, as that would be a complete waste of time.

I drifted off to sleep as the rain did die down until the left-hand rod ripped off with the new SF prototype hook bait on.  I was into my first take at just after 2 am and after a very hard fight in the margins, a lovely common rolled into the nsr50, happy days.

20180921_02145929-8oz common

I quickly got the pics done and returned the fish to its home and got out the rod again to the area.  I topped up the swim with 2 spombs worth of bait.

My second take happened just after 7am and was another hard fighting carp but this one managed to slip the hook, which was a real shame.  I inspected the hook and found it was still needle sharp, I was just one of though’s things.


I was time to sort the rods out as it was daylight and I also needed to decide on which spots were the best ones to bait up for the next 48hrs.  The left-hand rod which had both takes was certainly one to stick with.  A lot of carp were showing on this line and also checked the weather.  I discided that one rod along the tree line was not a viable option as casting it back there would result in a few trees getting caught! With that in mind, I got the Deeper and investigated the swim from the area which had produced the two takes and followed that line across the lake.


It was clear that there was plenty of fish and that there were some good features – the weed and undulations on the bottom.  The rest of the area, to my right, was pretty flat and no real signs of weed.


I decided that it was worth putting both rods along this line spaced over 40 yards.  I Spombed out a mixture of Spotted Fin boilies, tigers, hemp, krill and ground bait mixed with Minamino and put both rods out there with wafters on a Ronnie Rig, using SF end tackle.  As usual, I had a brew, a bit to eat, got my head down and fell asleep listening to the radio.  I was woken by the wind arriving back for a good blow in my face but my confidence was booming.


The day and the early evening past without any action, which was a bit of a surprise.  However, I had baited up as normal for a two-night session and was confident that I would get a take in the night, sure enough, I did.  This was not until just after 5am and I was in the middle of a dream when a screaming noise was in my ear.  For that split second when you wake up in the bivvy, putting your boots on automatically, pausing for a second think where am I and what is going on and then you’re of out the door and pull into a big lump.

I then had the best fight I had had for a long time, it never gave up trying to get into the overhanging bushes to my right.  It was an endless effort by this beast but I finally got it into the Nsr and breathed a sigh of relief as I knew it was a lump!


You will hear me puffing a bit in the video, I was wiped out by the fight. It was the same rod as all three fish was caught back on!  I laid down on the bed and drifted back off to sleep.

I was woken by the rain starting a lot earlier than I expected and a choice needed to be made  – should I stay or should I go?  Sometimes, I am very reluctant to stay an extra night, is if it results in a blank night, your average of the number of fish caught on overnighters goes down.  I was a bit worried I had overdone the bait but for here it shouldn’t be a problem.  The size of the carp I had landed over the past two mornings was pretty good.  Just before 11am, the other rod was off for the first time this trip – which was great news.  After a short open water battle but a very long margin fight, another nice common was landed.


22lb 1 oz

This certainly wavered my thoughts and with a fish in the daytime as well.  I then looked at the weather, the rain would pass by, by early evening.  As I had never really done well on here when it was raining, I made up my mind to stay another night.  I was sure I was very likely to have another take at first light or even before (as per the previous mornings).  I did plan on an early pack up as the family was kind enough to let me out for 3 nights.


Well, the last night passed with no wind and little rain.  It did help me sleep very well and there were no beeps at all.  I have about 1 hr left before I have to be off and next time I will be on the Airfield lake for the last trip of the year (before it closes for Winter).  This gives me a good month on here, or more if I am lucky, before the frosts arrive as Winter starts.  Let’s hope it’s not a wet and windy one, good for fishing but hard on me setting up in the dark and packing up in the dark.  That’s the times I do start to wonder what I am doing?  It must be my age!  I have nearly been fishing for 40 winters and I may just be starting to see sense in why some anglers stop night fishing and just do days.


Last Chance

Until next time


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