Looking Back Over 2015 Part 1 of 10

Looking Back Over 2015 Part 1 of 10

With the success of the previse session of looking back over the year’s, I’ve decided to go back even more. This series off podcast will feature 2015 grouping multiple trips in one long podcast, from pike to carp fishing and easy lakes, to the big water I love to fish so much.

Trip No1 Pike/Carp Fishing (2015)

Not bad going, I am out for my first trip of 2015 and it’s only the 2nd of January!

I am doing a couple of days and a night with a friend for a social New Year’s drink.
The fishing may suffer a bit, we will set up next to each other as the weather has forcast plenty of rain.


I had even brought some dead baits, as I was still determined to catch that big pike.  But I was going to be carp fishing at night, as I didn’t fancy catching an eel.
Bespite the conditions looking good for both pike & carp, all we managed to achieve was to lost a pike each.

However we did have fun and plenty of Rum was drunk.

Till next time

Trip No2 Pike Fishing (2015)

I am out for a few hour’s today, on the hunt for that big pike, who is hiding in this lake.  I am going to be as mobile as much as I can with the weather as it is today (wintery showers).


All set up in my first swim.  I will be dead baiting today with mackerel and herring,  I do have some trout with me, I generaly save these for the river.  However, its always worth a go.
The water is the colour of mud as we have had so much rain over the past week.


Kettle is on

I have had a dropped take already.  These fish are so switched on.  I was free lining and the line got hooked up a bit, enough for the rod tip to knock and that was that, the pike was off Scott free.

Anyway, can’t say a lot, but there are some real idiots out there. I thought it best to go home.

Trip No 3 Carp Fishing (2015)

It’s my first outing on my new water and I have not set foot on the lake for over 7 years.  It was then a day ticket/club water and you could not move for people.  It is a bit busy today as we have all come out for a look around,  it’s nice that everyone is so friendly.


I am going to take today as it comes,  I may or may not move swim, I may move across to the other lake.
I have started in a quiet area, the is a very strong north wind.  I am hoping that the sun comes out and warms up the margin areas on the back of the wind.
Just fishing small pop ups with tiny bags.


I have moved one if my rod’s to just under this overhanging tree.    I had scattered some boillies when I first got here.


Unfortunately, the sun disappeared and the wind picked up and my confidence dropped.  I had been thinking that, if this happened, I would move to the other lake. Which would be more sheltered.


My rod’s are cast one under an overhanging tree and the other across to the far margin.
I had changed one rod over to a bottom bait, as I had done well in the past on here with them.


My plan was to stay until 6pm just after dark.  However, by 5pm my feet were really getting cold.  Ever since I was a kid pike fishing, we use to wear welly boots and go home once we could not bear the pain of cold feet.
I am sure I did some damage back then and I have never been able to find a way to keep my feet warm.  I did spend a £125 on some Bafflin boots that should keep you feet warm down to -40. Not my feet.
I made it 6pm, however still blanked

Till next time

Trip No 4 Carp Fishing (2015)

Here we are again out fishing, I got a brucey bonus from work!  I was on the lake by 2pm, this was great news for me,  as this was still the first week, there were only a few people fishing.  This is a great winter water.  There were only 4 people there and they were all nicely spread out, shouldn’t complain.


I fancied the back of the wind, the fish had slowed down due to a fair bit of snow and the lake partly freezing over, I felt that this would be the best option.


This tree line did look good, I thought that if the fish were over there, I was not going to blast them with bait or leads.  So single hook baits it was going to be the order of the day and if the fish had been put off with lots of bait going in,  I maybe in with a shout.  Bit of a gamble, as they had been feeding well.

It was going to be another cold one,   Around 1930 and after a very hard week at work, I settled down in my sleeping bag.  I was woken by a couple of beeps on the right hand rod around 0130, the bobbin was staying up and I got another single beep.  Time to hit the rod and pulled into a bit of a lump.  This was heading right, which would take it into the bay behind me.  Not good for me as there is a big tree in the water. I started to pump the fish towards me, this felt like a life time and finally when I lifted the tip up, the fish was in front of me and after playing it, a nice 25lb 8oz Common was in the net.


I recast and tried to get my head down again,  Unfortunately, I was buzzing to much, I must have fallen asleep at some point as I was woken by the warm sun light.


Behind me in the small bay was a bit frozen.

I did think it was a bit cold out there, but it was lovely and warm now.  Hopefully I may get another fish on, during the day, before its time to head home.

The sun finally came out and started to warm up the far bank.  By 11.00 the cloud was back and the wind had picked up, by  14.00, it was time to start packing up, can’t complain.

Till next time

Trip No 5 Carp Fishing (2015)

I got to get out for a quick night on a Wednesday.  The lake was looking good.  Upon speaking to an angler who arrived on Tuesday, I was informed that the lake had only just thawed out this morning.  Not a great start, but as they say, you have to be in it to win it.  This was my only free night this week and I would not learn anything about this place sitting at home on the sofa (I may even catch a fish!).

20150211_172005 20150211_172023

I thought it best to play it safe again and only use single hook baits and small bags, which had my stick mix in.

Well, no luck this time


Trip No 6 Pike Fishing (2015)


With yet more rain last night, the river has risen again and is still well and truly unfishable.  So I have decided to go on the lake.  I am in one of the small bay areas.  This gives me plenty of options to catch some Pike today.


A friendly Robin was around to help.

Both rod’s have dead baits on , one ledgered and one on the float as normal.

However, today was not to be.  No joy.

Regards Richard

Trip No 7 Carp Fishing (2015)

As the family are away,  I have taken the opportunity to do three nights fishing on my new water.  The weather is blowing a strong SW direction so I was happy with these conditions.   Unfortunately my plan to fish the same swim as last night did not quite work out, as there was an angler in the swim next door.  As you know from my past blogs, I believe that you should give your fellow anglers some space (and both of you a chance to get a fish), best not fish on top of each other.

I opted for a swim three peg’s down, this gave me access to a large area of the lake.  This ment I could cast to areas I would not be able to reach if I was not in this swim.  I felt that this would give me the best options with the coming of the weekend anglers.  I had a little time before last light, the traffic was shocking on the way here, mainly down to the heavy rain showers, I was hoping this would not affect the fishing.  I finally found a nice hard(ish) area and spomb’d some bait out, mainly ground up bollies, ground bait with hemp and a load of liquid attraction thrown in. I placed both rod’s on the spot for the first night.


Night one

It was very rough with plenty of heavy rain storms.  I hope this has not affected the fish too much.  I am sitting typing this beside my bivvy door, hoping to spot any carpy signs.  I was happy with my baiting up yesterday (dispite the lack of time).  I plan to leave them as  they are until I feel the need to move them.  No point on pushing any fish in the area away.


The first day has past with no action for me, there has been a couple of fish out the lake today.  Unfortunately, it has got very busy, probably due to the improved weather conditions.
I have topped the swim up with more of my spod mix.


As the sun was setting, the bream came out to play and within an hour, I had had some 8 in my net!


Lets see what tonight brings.  According to the forecast, there will be a good frost tonight.  Which I was not expecting a few days ago.


Night two

Well, I had a nice layin it was nearly 10am when I woke, must have been knackered, I don’t normally sleep past 7 am!

With still no carp in the net,  I had a few options but to move swim.  However, as most people who were here last night have now gone and there would be a few hour’s before the Saturday night crew arrived, I had the chance to pick my swim.  Unfortunately, the only two swims I fancied had people in.


I had no other option than stick to my plan.  Today, I was going to bait up in the morning, as I would be off first thing tomorrow.  Maybe, it may encourage a take during the day and low and behold, within the hour, I had had another bream.  At least I was on some sort of feeding spot.

There has been all sorts of weather today.

20150221_153633 20150221_153641

Night three

Boy, that was a cold one.  Not a touch all night and this morning the world was white.



The sun was out for a little while but it is now gone behind the clouds for the day.  The air temperature has dropped and a slow pack up was the order of the day (after a few cups of coffee).

Till next time

8 -unfortunatly I can find trip 8 aw well.

Trip No9 Carp Fishing(2015)

With Spring here, I need to put in as much effort as possible.  The fish will be starting to move around more and will be at good weighs.  Therfore, this is my best opportunity to catch a 30+ common and with the solar bait after its performance last weekend, I am buzzing.


The right hand rod is on the nice clear spot I had the common from the other week.
My left had rod is just off the corner of the island this time.


I have got a bag on the distant rod (as before), however, I have mixed up some stick mix using the Solar Mix glug and boy that smells great.  I will stick some boilles out once the seagulls have gone to bed!  I have catapulted some broken boilies round by the island as well.

Good God, that was the coldest night I have had for a long time.

20150305_062537 20150305_062550

Blanked and not too shocked.

Till next time


and Ive lost episopde no 10 as well.

Trip No 11 Carp Fishing (2015)

This will be my last on this lake as it closes for the traditional Close Season.


I will be back on the big lake next week.  They have been doing a lot of work on over the Winter months. I can’t wait to have a look.


I have picked a swim away from the prevailing wind, as there is still a bit of a chill in the air.  A very friendly syndicate member has helped me out with a few spots in the swim.

After a good lead around, I picked a couple of likely ones and flicked a couple of pop ups out with 2 bait stringers on and after dark, baited up with the throwing stick.  I did not wish to use the spomb, as it would make too much disturbance near the sanctury area.

My first fish turned out to be a bream and after quick recast I was back in the sack.  At around 0245, I had a slow take on the same rod and this was most definately a carp and after good battle, I had a nice 18lb 2oz common in the net.


0630 The alarm was off again, unfortunatley, this was my phone and the call to work again.

Till next time


Part 2 of 10 will follow in a couple of weeks

Until then Richard







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