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The Deeper Vs Marker Floats

I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about people using the Deeper as they believe it’s cheating and it takes away the fun of the unknown of fishing. Well here are my thoughts on the matter. I’ve used a marker … Continue reading

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Booster Sprays

Booster Sprays are a concentrated flavour to really give your hookbait that extra pulling power. Spray it onto your hookbait, PVA bag, ground bait or zigs to create a halo of attraction which starts kicking off the moment it hits … Continue reading

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Trip 18 Carp Fishing – 2021

Monday has come around quickly.  This is probably because I fished on Friday and baited up my spots.  Hopefully it will pay dividends today. There is one other angler fishing, he is away from my area and tucked away in … Continue reading

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Lockdown Blues – Felt like a lifetime

We find are selves in yet another full lockdown.  Which you could see coming our way from mid-December and it’s predicted it could last into March. This one I think is going to be a lot harder than the last … Continue reading

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