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Deeper Tips & Tricks

Did you know that in the Fish Deeper App you can view all the features of your lake, including Depths?! Simply follow the below below steps; 1. Open the app 2. Move the screen to full map view 3. Zoom … Continue reading

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It’s not all about the carp here at Submerge Clothing

It’s not all about the carp here at Submerge Clothing, Phil Whiteheart showing just that with this fantastic winter roach. Keeping warm in the winter is a must and our premium hoodies do just that #submergeclothing #carpclothing #outdoorclothing #submergedlife #carpangling … Continue reading

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Beginners Guide To Carp Features

Beginners Guide To Carp Features 1. Overhanging Trees These are simple to find and more or less every lake has them.  You must bear in mind the possibility of fallen branches and other debris.  The first/best thing to do is … Continue reading

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Trip 2 Feeder Fishing – 2020

With another opportunity to get out on the bank, the wife was able to do the home-schooling and the weather had also improved from constantly raining. I headed out and after looking at 2 lakes, which had a few too … Continue reading

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Amazing Deeper winter deals are still on

Amazing Deeper winter deals are still on. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy discounts of up to £35 off! dpsonar.com/sonar_deal_uk              

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Perfect Pineapple

Perfect Pineapple Over Winter fruit based baits come to the fore and one of our proven catchers is the Pineapple and N-Butyric Acid Wafter. Fished as a single or over a small, accurate bed of bait, it’s neutral buoyancy can … Continue reading

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