Dont Forget Paste

Paste is a very successful method of fishing and is a hidden secret which doesn’t get much publicity.  It’s a method I have used for decades (on and off) and I have found it very successful.  I fish with paste directly onto a coil or wrapped around a wafter/bottom bait.  I also put a tiny bag on as well with my stick mix, to add even more attractive to the carp.  This is not just a Winter tactic, I use it a lot in my fishing, especially on the sort 4 hrs trip out.

The finished set up.

1. I like to use a fluro hooklink in a D rig style and thread the small stick mix bag down to the hook.

Twenty pence pcs size

Slide it down the line and the gently pushing the eye of the hook into the bag.

Get a chunk of Catalyst paste and mould it into a soft ball.

About the size of a 50 pence piece and then mould this around the paste coils – you may wish to use more or less depending on what takes your fancy (or if you are moulding to a wafter/bottom bait).

Then slide the small bag down.

And push the hook into the bag, you don’t need to use the bag, I just like to – it’s personal preference.

I then dip the whole lot into some Spotted Fin particle syrup.  Which is nice and sticky and also smells amazing.

All done.

Hope this helps you catch a few.




About richardhandel

I would like to give a brief snap shot of my life and introduce myself; My name is Richard Handel and was born in 1965 in Suffolk. I have worked as a UK Operation & Intermodule Manager for a shipping company. I live in Hampshire now and am married with 2 young children, both girls so I am a bit outnumbered even the cat is a girl! I have been fishing since I was about 7 years old. I started on small local rivers in Suffolk, then moved onto gravel pits and then carp fishing. My personal best is a 39.08 mirror, over recent years I have started river fishing again, on the Hampshire Avon, this is a nice break from the carp lakes. My life has turned a big corner this year, the company I was working for relocated their Operation centre to Estonia. I was offered a job at the head office in London. This would have meant a 5 day commute and working in Stratford. As a family, we did not fancy this, as I would hardly spend any time with the children (and the Mrs). So after 22.5 years, I was given a nice redundancy package and with my wife is working full time. I became the house husband. This has meant a complete turn around in my fishing, as I can pick and choose when I go. I have found a splendid new syndicate to fish this year, which includes 5 lakes and some 8 miles of river with only 150 members. It's an amazing change to the way I am able to fish. I am now trying to start my own tackle business and make a bit of a name for myself in the world of fishing, as I have retired from real work. Richard
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7 Responses to Dont Forget Paste

  1. Clive Bassett says:

    Hi richard, love the blog, very informative and thought provoking. I have fished on an off for years but only just started carp angling. Could you please give give me some watercraft tips I am struggling to locate the carp in my local lake. Others are catching but I am struggling. Any tips from someone who knows what they are doing would be much appreciated! Cheers Clive Bassett

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    • Hi Clive , coukd you give me some information about your lake you are fishing, depth, size, weed, lill pads, overhanging etc, or find me on FB and message over some photos. Kind regards Richard


  2. Clive Bassett says:

    Thanks for coming back to me Richard, it’s a big lake, not weedy, I don’t think it’s very deep. It has islands but too far out to cast to. I’ve asked the regulars how they are catching and most seem to chuck it and chance it but I’d prefer to use a strategy. That fish finder you use is out of my price range, i do drive around the lake when I get there to see if I can see fish but don’t often see much.
    Should I stick to one swim every time I go?


    • Hi Clive
      Is there any margin cover that this fish could hide under, any bars, gully within your casting range, you need to find a feature, even a bay area or a corner of the lake, the smallest of an overhang is a feature to a carp, on a large lake you really need to move about. out of interested what is the name of your lake and whereabouts are you in the country. Richard


  3. Andy little says:

    Hi Clive, driving round the lake will let you know where other anglers are but not necessarily where the fish are, you really need to get out and have a good look. Early morning and last light are the prime feeding spells this time of year, during the day you may well see cruising fish but they won’t always be interested in a bait. Pay particular attention to the margins and around snags and overhanging trees. If you haven’t already get some Polaroid glasses – i wouldn’t go fishing without a pair. Good luck Clive let us know how you get on!
    Regards andy

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    • Hi Clive, Carp love features like, lilly pads, snags, overhanging trees/bushes. These are the visible feature there are also plenty of under water features, which you will need to get the marker rod out and find e.g gravel bars, platues, gullys, humps and dips in the lake bed. Consantrate on these and you can’t go far wrong. Good luck Richard


  4. Clive Bassett says:

    Thank you Andy and Richard for your sugestions, I feel very privileged to have 2 top anglers to call on for advice! I won’t forget the polaroids on my next trip that’s for sure. Cheers lads!

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