Trip No 8 Carp fishing (2014)

As spring is here, I am trying to get back into the routine of fishing every Sunday and Thursday night, I then will go to work first thing Monday morning (0700hrs).  I have found that Sundays may not be the best night to fish.  This is due to you never knowing who has fished where and how much bait has gone out.  However, this is the best night all-round for the family for me to fish.  I have found the best way around this is to ask other anglers if any of them who are still fishing.
If not, I go for single hook baits with 4 bait stringers and I always put some bait out before I go to work in the morning.  This tactic does work very (well mostly), the failures I can put down to just plan bad luck.
Tonight’s trip, I have gone for one of the easier lakes as my Solar bait has arrived for testing.



I can’t wait to test the gopro out with playing and netting fish.


And thirdly, you have never been allowed to night fish this like before.


With no knowledge of what anglers have been up to, as there are only 2 other people on the whole complex.  I have gone to pop ups on both with 4 bait strings.

Around 5pm I had my first fish – not big around the 10lb mark.  However, first fish on the Solar Bait and got a bit of GoPro footage as well.

Some time around 8pm, I had another fish, this was just in the net and the other rod was off!  I had no other option than to net the second fish with the other fish in the net.  Now that’s a first for me and 3 fish on the Solar bait.  Happy days.




Later that evening I had another fish around the 15lb mark,  by the end of the night I had landed 6 carp & a tench

The bait is working well.

Till next time

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