Otters – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Firstly, I would like to point out that I am a great lover of wildlife.  This is one of the reasons I love fishing as much I do.  You can also get to see so much that the rest of the world will never see.

Good –

When it was nearly impossible to see an otter in the wild, it was a treat to see the odd one or two (this small number of otters kept river in balance –  killed diseased fish in the river and stopped a slow death for the local wildlife).  A natural gamekeeper if you would.

Bad –

There are 2 real issues here.

Firstly; The unofficial releasing of otters (which has been done in great numbers), what are the otters supposed to eat when they run out of fish?  The not so public knowledge, is that they eat!  They will eat anything – eggs, chicks, even fully grown birds, they even been known to kill of all the bird’s on a lake that had no fish, because they had eaten them already!  On my friend’s lake, every year they killed the signets and one year even the cob (swan)!  This stopped, once they put an otter fence round the lake.  This however, has pushed the otters into taking fish from local ornimental ponds within people’s gardens.

The Second issue, are the areas of the county the unofficial releases are happening.  Now, we all know that mostly otters live in rivers, not great big deep reservoir and over populated areas.  A dog otter and his family covers an area of some 5 miles.  If you keep introducing otter after otter into the same area, they will just move on and fill up another areas – nobody likes a conflict with their neighbour!  However, the people who are doing the releases think that someone or something has killed them, so they just keep releasing more and more until that area is over populated – again and then they move on again.  And once there is no more fish or any wildlife left. These otters too will move on. If no action is taken soon, it will become the hard truth.Links-


Please stop intrducing more otters, otherwise, there will be no more fish or bird and starving otters



About richardhandel

I would like to give a brief snap shot of my life and introduce myself; My name is Richard Handel and was born in 1965 in Suffolk. I have worked as a UK Operation & Intermodule Manager for a shipping company. I live in Hampshire now and am married with 2 young children, both girls so I am a bit outnumbered even the cat is a girl! I have been fishing since I was about 7 years old. I started on small local rivers in Suffolk, then moved onto gravel pits and then carp fishing. My personal best is a 39.08 mirror, over recent years I have started river fishing again, on the Hampshire Avon, this is a nice break from the carp lakes. My life has turned a big corner this year, the company I was working for relocated their Operation centre to Estonia. I was offered a job at the head office in London. This would have meant a 5 day commute and working in Stratford. As a family, we did not fancy this, as I would hardly spend any time with the children (and the Mrs). So after 22.5 years, I was given a nice redundancy package and with my wife is working full time. I became the house husband. This has meant a complete turn around in my fishing, as I can pick and choose when I go. I have found a splendid new syndicate to fish this year, which includes 5 lakes and some 8 miles of river with only 150 members. It's an amazing change to the way I am able to fish. I am now trying to start my own tackle business and make a bit of a name for myself in the world of fishing, as I have retired from real work. Richard
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